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Player Moderator - Discussion

Hi all,

I've decided to recreate this thread as it appears to be going off topic and feel it's time for a fresh start.

I'd like to remind you that this thread is to be used to discuss the Player Moderator role and whatever feedback you may have regarding the initiative and how you feel it could be improved, or what you really like about it. Threads regarding PMods are created regularly in this forum, and so this thread is designed to act as a dedicated place for all and any discussion about them.

Mod Infinity has clearly described how this thread should be used. This isn't a strict 'you must discuss this' type thing! Here is an example of the kind of posts we expect to see on this thread:

"Player Moderators should host P-Mod lead events for the community to engage with and enjoy, working with dedicated player event coordinators."

NOTE: This thread is NOT to be used to report, slander or defame P-Mods, or make rude/inappropriate/offensive remarks about the P-Mod team in general. Anyone doing so risks their forum access being removed.

Please follow the Forum Code of Conduct - no naming and shaming or reporting any Player Moderators for their behavior. Player Moderators can be reported just like any player in game if you feel that they are abusing their position.

I'd like to remind you that this is not a thread where you can request to ask to become a Player Moderator and it is not a thread to review banned accounts.

You can find out more about Player Moderators here.

You can find out more about banned accounts and our stance on banned accounts here.

- Mod Neena -
Community Manager
Community Manager

08-May-2015 11:08:15

Darth Novi
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Darth Novi

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Mod Neena said:
.... Mod Infinity has clearly described how this thread should be used. ....

Folks just joining the discussion on this new thread won't understand that reference to the old thread.

Otherwise, profiled!

08-May-2015 11:39:45

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