Did i do a dead good deed

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1st of all, good luck saying my thread title if drunk =)

Earlier today i was at tormented demons "my favorite slay task" and i lobbied for a little bit, upon logging in again a td was in front of me, i aimed at it and hit it, it died immediately, so it was obviously someone elses kill.

As it died a message popped up "someone has received dragon limbs" and no drop showed up on the floor for me so i thought, hang on, will these limbs appear for me?

Low and behold after a few minutes, they actually did, i moved toward them and picked them up, as i picked them up the guy with the name that the message said appeared and said "oh no, &*^%"

I then said to him, mate, how unlucky was that for you, he repied "yes"

He did not go on to abuse me saying things like "they are mine!!!" so i started to feel slightly sad at the thought of me getting his drop but at the same time i thought, well would he give them to me if it was the other way around and i was in 2 minds at what to do.

So with me being Mr nice, i said to him, mate, i will split them with you, just add me and i will pm you after my task, which i did and he was happy and i felt happy myself for "doing a dead good deed"

So after all that blabbering on about my dead good deed.

Feel free to share any dead good deeds you have done or dead good deeds that have been done for you in times like this because although many people say the community is horrible these days, i think i have shown proof that it is not always the way and sometimes the community can get on really well and do nice things for each other.

Also feel free to let me know if i was wrong and my dead good deed was not really a dead good deed and i really should have gave him the limbs completely for himself.

Thank you for reading and have fun reading any comments this thread may get.

Much Love

Scouse - The dead good deeder
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20-Mar-2017 19:33:50

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Lol a good deed...


A friend wanted to get 99 smithing and needed around 15k addy bars

So I went and got said friend around 15k Addy bars XD

Does that count as a good deed? lol

20-Mar-2017 19:45:49

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You were awesome to do that for the guy.. Someone you didnt know and you could have walked away with the whole thing.

And I used to pk back before eoc. I used to kill people and then if they did not get mad and curse me and make snide comments and rude remarks, i would start to feel bad for them. Here they had lost and were good sports about it. And so if they replied to my pm .. which was always the same.. hey (insert name) did you just get killed in the wild by me? If they replied yea and were still not abusive toward me, I would say.... "Meet me at Varrock west bank. If they came, I would always give them whatever they had lost. It made me feel good about things. I always ended by saying "Not everyone will give you your stuff back."
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20-Mar-2017 20:01:09

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You were there to pick up the item and the other player was not, so you had no obligation to give the other player anything since they did not make it back within a minute of the drop. Had you not killed the monster it would not have even died, so you deserve the drop if the other player is no longer nearby.

You saved the other person from feeling bad from missing out completely, and made yourself feel like a more decent person and you were more than fair in splitting the drop when you could have kept it all for yourself.
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20-Mar-2017 20:24:24

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I probably would have given him the limbs then and there, but I guess split is fair game too.

Generosity is alive and well in Runescape, not only supported by your story but by another personal experience I've recently had.

I often help out people however I can, not usually looking at levels or gear. I guess I'll never really be rich in RS terms because I just give too much away. I was doing a simple woodcutting daily challenge on my F2P alt . My chat box informed me someone next to me wished to trade. Expecting it to be at best a misclick, or at worst a scam attempt, I accepted the trade to see which it would be. I was shocked to see they were offering me a free bond. I hesitated at first to accept, expecting it to be pulled out from under my nose as a dirty troll would. My faith in the RS community was renewed when he accepted the trade, told me to enjoy, and wished me a good day before disappearing from sight.

I guess what goes around really does come around :)

20-Mar-2017 21:34:32

Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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I couldn't tell you how many good deeds and kindness stuff I have done in what's nearly 14 years - I would say 30 - 50 million'ish in items and gp...

Many moons ago when I was still a young player, this dude died doing those wizards south of Varrock and I traded all his stuff back - he was over the moon...
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20-Mar-2017 21:43:41

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