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10th October 2016

The Arc & Uncharted Isles

  • XP per hour from named-island resources has been increased to 40%.

  • Wobbegong XP per hour has been increased by 10%.

  • XP for crafting tortle bowls has been increased to 75 XP, up from 10.

  • XP for crafting ornate tortle bowls has been increased to 100 XP, up from 10.

  • XP for fletching bamboo bundles has been increased to 100 XP, up from 10.

  • The amount of chimes gained per hour from named-island resources has been lowered by 10% to 15%.

  • Seerfish and Sillago now require levels 91 and 92 Fishing, down from 92 and 94.

  • The spirit dragon pet is now a companion pet and can be used to override Summoning familiars.

  • Boni has been feeling generous and now gives flags out for free.

  • XP lamps have been reduced in price.

  • Player-owned port resources and trade goods have been reduced in price.

  • Golden idols are now stackable. Players who have been lucky enough to find a pair can now purchase an idol crabletine tradeable pet.

  • Some of Waiko's and Cyclosis' villagersí pockets can now be picked. They seem to have a rather short attention-span and will tend to forget about your thieving ways within 5 minutes.

  • Shark soup and Arc gumbo now require sliced wushrooms instead of wushrooms.

  • Different kinds of wushrooms can be sliced to use. Players who had wushrooms before the update had theirs converted to sliced wushrooms.

  • Uncharted isle NPCs now drop chimes in increased amounts as well as some flavour items.

  • Chime payouts from contracts have been increased.

  • "Collect" type contracts had the number items required lowered.

  • Players are now able to find supply crates on uncharted isles.

  • Low-tier resources will now stay on claimed islands, even when logging out.

  • Players can now toggle receiving named-island contracts if they meet all the skill requirements for uncharted isle skilling. Contracts that can be found on both named and uncharted isles will still be offered.

  • Players who have completed all of the Tengu's player-owned port clue voyages and have received a mask of gu can now purchase the 'Waiko Guru' unlock for 100 chimes. This unlock halves the cost of re-rolling contracts.

  • The unlock to access Waiko's bank chest has been removed.

  • Seiryu's claw now has a lootbeam regardless of lootbeam value set.

  • Daily contract re-rolls now increase in price by 10 chimes, instead of doubling in price.

  • Rosie has lowered her supply costs! Supplies are now 25 chimes each (down from 40) and supply cost reduction upgrades can now reduce this to as low as 10 chimes per supply (down from 20).

  • Rosie's crate of supplies (5 free supplies daily) now holds up to 50 supplies not to penalise those who forget to pick theirs up each day.

  • To celebrate the opening of the second set of islands, Rosie's crate is initially full for everyone.

  • Long voyages now cost 20 supplies (down from 25).

  • Median Expeditions can now have 2 to 3 rare resources (up from 1 to 2).

  • Long Voyages can now have 3 to 5 rare resources (up from 2 to 3).

  • Players who had islands claimed prior the update can now find new resources on their island.

  • The supply cap now starts at 200 (up from 100) and increases up to 1,000 with upgrades (up from 500).

  • An issue where an island would have less rare resources than intended has been fixed.

  • Arc Gumbo now sells for 65 chimes (up from 45).

  • Shark soup now sells for 85 chimes (up from 50).

  • Non-stacking Arc resources such as fish, bamboo, soups and gumbo can now be withdrawn in noted form.

  • Players will no longer find wushrooms washed ashore on uncharted isles. Sea shells can now be found instead.

  • The price of some 'Functional' and 'Decorative' customisations for claimed islands has been reduced.

  • A new flotsam merchant on Cyclosis purchases driftwood and sea shells for few more chimes.

  • A new food merchant on Cyclosis purchases sliced wushrooms for an extra chime.

  • A new bamboo merchant on Tuai Leit purchases bundles of bamboo for an extra chime.

  • Players can now head to Cyclosis, the Islands that Once Were Turtles, Goshima and Tuai Leit.

  • Teleport tablets for named-islands have been added to Waiko rewards shop.

  • Sharkborne has been out exploring and has found himself a new pet, X-Runes.

  • Sojobo now offers a new type of contract for players with 90+ in the related skill. If the player has received such contract, expect to worship shrines, pick safes, hatch eggs and few other short-interaction activities.

  • Salty crabletines have invaded Cyclosis. They are the slightly less rewarding relatives of salty crablets.

  • There are now six new mini-quests to complete. After completing everything up to and including Jed Hunter (from Arc Batch 1), speak to Ichi on Cyclosis to begin the latest adventures. You'll need to have unlocked Cyclosis via a Player-owned port to access the island.

  • Uncharted isle supplies have been added to the currency pouch.

  • Bad luck protection has been added to the 'Spiritual Enlightenment' mini-quest lore book drops. Players who defeat more NPCs during the miniquest will be more likely to receive the drop during their game session.


  • The Crablet sandpit has been removed from Burthorpe.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Count Check has taken up a new residence in the Stronghold of Security. Thank you for getting involved with Customer Support week!

  • NPCs that scale to your level will now award combat and item experience.

  • Players will now see a message when acquiring the 50th Sliskelion piece, or if they would have acquired another piece but haven't traded in the 50 pieces yet.

  • It is no longer possible to prevent the Conquest turn timer from going down.

  • Replaced several mentions of "The Crucible" with "Deathmatch".


  • Players levelling their Sunfury armour will now see an improvement in points while in combat, using a bonecrusher.

  • Removed a dummy item from the Grand Exchange.

  • Corrected a typo with brian points in the expanded currency pouch interface.

  • Players can no longer advance their computer clocks to alter which banner they see in the lobby.

  • Fixed some logic in the group lootshare system that would occasionally award either none or double loot and experience.

Last week's hotfixes

  • Count Check now recognises when an authenticator is being used as a bank pin.

  • Customer Support Week clue scrolls requiring safety gloves, fighting boots or fancy boots now work with the items keepsaked.

  • Pure essence won via a Customer Support Week casket is now noted.

  • Fixed an occasional disconnect when opening a Customer Support Week casket.

  • Speaking to the student in the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence no longer rotates his desk.

  • Rewards from The Drop now take an authenticator set as a bank pin into account.

  • Players can now give Thorgel Agility tickets or Castle Wars tickets from the currency pouch.

  • Removed Classie from Burthorpe.

  • Teak planks won from a Customer Support Week casket are now noted.

  • Players can no longer take skilling or combat dummies into The Drop.

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17th October 2016


  • The font size of map labels has been changed to minimise overlapping.

  • Tradeable parasols are now hidden while performing skill animations.

  • Improved Divination animations to no longer stop and start playing erroneously when gathering energy from wisps for an extended period of time.

  • The small jewellery icons from the Deadliest Catch quest have been fixed.

  • The ransacked room ring is now more visible on the floor.

  • Slayer rings have been mirrored so they're more easily distinguishable from rings of wealth.

  • The graphics used on the balloon network puzzle during Enlightened Journey have been reworked, to help users with poor performance complete the puzzle.

  • The wall kit sinking in the Hollows cave has been fixed.

  • Blocking has been added to a rock on White Wolf Mountain.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • The wording on the Hunter skill training dummy has been changed to refer to catching instead of pruning.

  • Uri will not longer take more than one costume-skipping ticket.

  • Any TokKul rewards from Rush of Blood are now added directly to the currency pouch when claimed.

  • Logging out with unclaimed loot from Rush of Blood now correctly prioritises the bank, followed by the backpack.

  • Pizazz points are no longer lost when reclaiming a lost progress hat.

  • Added the ability to reset the Memory of Nomad with weekly reset tokens.

  • Eniola will no longer let players use bank services for free.

  • It is no longer possible to place combat dummies on top of portable skilling locations.

  • Slayer XP rewarded from completing Reaper tasks as an Ironman is no longer halved.

  • Lucky challenges have been disabled.


  • Intercept can no longer be cast on an enemy player in the Castle Wars or Soul Wars minigames.

  • Halberds no longer require a Strength level to wield - only and Attack level.

  • Ability damage for level 1 ranged weapons has been increased.

  • An extraneous full stop has been removed from the Concentrated Blast ability tooltip.

  • Partly-used inferior Ports armour can now be alchemised. The amount of coins received will scale down at 50% charge and below.

  • The inferior leviathan ring and reefwalker's cape now degrade by 10% when looted from gravestones, in line with other degrade-to-dust gear.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • Vanstorm's maximum life points have been boosted in both Branches of Darkmeyer and Dominion Tower. His bloodvelds' life points have been boosted in Dominion Tower only.

  • The interface and borders from the mausoleum statue interfaces used in Priest in Peril have been updated.

  • A typo in Nomad's Requiem has been fixed.

The Arc

  • Choppable bamboo can now be found on Tuai Leit.

  • A typo in the Awah Guan examine text has been fixed.

  • A bakami will no longer spawn within an unreachable spot on Waiko.

  • (Ba)kami no longer glitch when under the effect of a holding (bind, snare, entangle) spell.

  • A typo in the Ghosts from the Past miniquest has been corrected.

  • The Arc contract 'Cook sliced mushrooms' has been corrected to 'Slice mushrooms'.

  • Receiving 'Slice mushroom' contracts now requires 90 Farming as well as 86 Cooking.

  • It is no longer possible to click on an already depleted rumberry bush.

  • The number of bakami spawns has been reduced.

  • Crablets now have all of their feet on the ground when walking on hills.

  • Crablets' glow will now appear even with textures turned off.

  • The chickens on Waiko have been replaced with pekin that drop appropriately poultry-esque Arc resources.

  • Undead chicken on Goshima now lay pickled eggs.

  • The Tuai Leit moai has been renamed to match other moai.

  • Jacob's note from the Damage Control miniquest is now readable, and can be reviewed from a player-owned house bookcase after completing Damage Control.

  • By player request, A sense of closure has been removed from the Final Destination miniquest reward list.

  • A heal area has been added to the Cyclosis banker.

  • During the Ghosts from the Past miniquest, Gully's critical-path dialogue option 'Nothing' has been changed to 'Enough questions. Let's move on.'

  • The snufftruffle icon in the Arc journal now matches the inventory icon.

  • Some additional rocks formerly on Waiko have been removed.

  • The symbol for 'Uncharted isle supplies' in the currency pouch has been corrected.

  • Wobbegong oil and shiny tortle shell bowl transmutation now transmutes ten items at a time.

  • Transmuting driftwood into sliced mushrooms now consumes 2 driftwood instead of 5 driftwood.

  • The click radius of chimes and sea shells found on uncharted isles has been increased, making them easier to interact with.

  • Tortles on uncharted isles now have a reduced wander range, preventing overlapping and collision issues.

  • Augmented pickaxes no longer show both on the player's back and in their hand when mining crablets.


  • Barrows bobbleheads now belong in the Pets interface. Access them from the Boss Pets filter on the Customisations interface.

  • The lootbeam minimum value is now based upon the players total level:

    • 1,000gp at below 100 total level.

    • 10,000gp between 100 and 499 total level.

    • 20,000gp between 500 and 999 total level.

    • 50,000gp above 1000 total level.

  • The demonic skull is now always lost on death when dying in PvP situations.

  • The Items Kept on Death interface will now correctly display the right items being kept with large amounts of stackable items.

  • The Wilderness Sword can now consistently locate the Wildywyrm.

  • The audio around Port Sarim once again plays correctly.

  • The Skilling backpack buff no longer disappears when logging out.

  • Several force-walk tiles in the Wilderness Agility Dungeon have been removed, as they were annoying adventurers trying to head straight for the ladder to leave.

  • A 'do not translate' item has been removed from the Grand Exchange.

  • The Wise Old Man can now remove books obtained from the River of Blood quest.

  • Players will no longer get stuck in the water when taking the broken pier shortcut.

  • Remaining beach ice creams and sunscreen have been removed.

Last week's hotfixes

  • 10/10, 02:30 UTC: Count Check will no longer hand out any more clue scrolls, as CS Week is over.

  • 10/10, 13:00 UTC: It's now too dark to read the World Map on Cyclosis at night.

  • 10/10, 13:00 UTC: Players no longer gain Uncharted Isle maps when skilling in Daemonheim.

  • 10/10, 14:00 UTC: The drop rate of Ports resource crates has been corrected.

  • 10/10, 16:45 UTC: An issue where transmuting large volumes of Arc resources didn't produce the intended quantity has been fixed.

  • 10/10, 16:45 UTC: The unlocking of several music tracks for players who did the new Arc miniquests with the playlist setting enabled has been fixed.

  • 10/10, 19:45 UTC: The XP gain from transmuting large volumes of Arc resources has been corrected.

  • 11/10, 10:50 UTC: An issue where Arc mushroom clusters could remain interactive but become unable to yield resources.

  • 11/10, 15:00 UTC: The upgraded bonecrusher no longer picks up ashes.

  • 13/10, 15:30 UTC: Players who are logged in at daily reset will no longer miss out on Rosie's free supplies.

Ninja fixes

  • Interfaces will no longer move slightly when logging in.

  • It is now possible to view your opponent's backpack and worn items in the Duel challenge interface.

  • Life point values for Stronghold of Security creatures have been scaled down, bringing them back to more competitive non-member training levels.

  • Non-members can now access the Giant Mole, KBD and the Games Room via the Grouping System.

  • It is now possible to destroy auras which aren't on cooldown and reclaim them from the Loyalty Store off cooldown, ready for use.

  • Having insufficient runes no longer unsets any autocasts that are active.

  • A keybind slot is now available for familiar details.

  • Familiar details are now available from the Powers dropdown menu on the Ribbon.

  • There is no longer a Magic level requirement for using quick teleports.

  • If toggled on, Doomsayer notifications (such as Warbands and Guthixian Caches) will no longer be caught by the chat spam filter.

  • The character rotating cursor will no longer cover the Ironman Mode dropdown menus in the Character Creation window.

  • The option not to confirm use of skill-specific lamps has been added to the Gameplay Settings interface.

  • Opening a skill guide within Daemonheim now jumps to the Dungeoneering filter automatically, where applicable.

  • Player-owned house bookcases now have a 'search' option.

  • A spirit gem bag has been added to the thaler shop for 360 thaler, allowing players to store up to 60 of each unused spirit gem.

  • Lootbeams are now removed upon picking up the item, and now last for as long as the associated item is on the floor.

  • Visibility of the symbols on the Dungeoneering occult floor library puzzles has been improved, for the benefit of colourblind players.

  • The Ascension Dungeon boss labs warning has been changed to a Doomsayer warning, allowing players to toggle it off.

  • Several outdated and irrelevant entries in the Doomsayer interface have been removed.

  • More travel cutscenes can be skipped with the toggle, including boats to and from Rellekka, icy hunter area canoe, Mort Myre Swamp boat and the boat to the iceberg.

  • Several functional right-click options on NPCs have been made the default left-click option, including the Tool Leprachauns's tool exchange and various ship boarders.

  • The skull image on the Wilderness kills board has been updated, making it easier to read recorded deaths.

  • Parent interfaces in Legacy interface mode have been updated to match the Legacy theme.

  • The long line beneath the tabs found in various parent interfaces has been udpated.

  • Korasi's sword and Jessika's swords can now be disassembled without first being augmented. Non-augmented Korasi's sword has a lower chance to provide pestiferous components, though.

  • The disassembly confirm window hotkey has been changed to Y instead of 1.

  • The buy limit of tectonic energy, malevolent energy and sirenic scales on the Grand Exchange has been increased to 100, from 10.

  • Cutting a single gem once again bypasses the Make-X system.

  • Dealing magic damage with the crackling perk now displays as ability damage, matching the other combat styles.

  • A notification has been added when attempting to continue pickpocketing in Prifddinas with a full inventory.

  • It is now possible to receive the Medium Wilderness Task Set Agility buff by having the Wilderness Sword in the backpack.

  • The Champions' Challenge reward experience is now paid out in lamp form.

  • Various usability fixes have been made for Temple Trekking:

    • The sick people's thanking dialogue has been changed to to overhead, and improved pathing around them smooths out the experience.

    • The exit point on the Paterdomus sign closer to the noticeboard.

    • Vyrewatch spawns have been moved further from the swamp water.

    • Timbo has taken another victim in Morytania, near the Temple Trekking Canifis-side signpost.

    • The speed that the fire spreads and that water spells can be fired in the grotto fire event have both been increased.

    • Blocking has been removed from non-burning plants during the grotto fire event.

    • A Quick-start button has been added to the noticeboard after selecting a trekker.

    • Swamp snakes now appear above their dead brethren, their clickable area has been improved.

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24th October 2016


  • Ironman legs will no longer stretch when performing certain animations.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • The aggression, luck and camouflage potions will now correctly share half of their effects in Social Slayer.

  • Rogue gloves from Deathmatch are no longer always lost on death.

  • Broken rogue gloves from the Crucible now unlock the tier 1 Deathmatch gloves when converted.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • Arc sea shells are now stackable.

  • The Arc travel map interface now opens to the Uncharted Isles page if last selected, saving players who wish to travel to another island one click.

  • Tang (food merchant) on Waiko now buys non-sliced wushrooms.

  • Players can now access the gnome glider network from the Tuai Leit gnome colony after rescuing Azalea Oakheart.

  • Players no longer sink into the stairs on Tuai Leit.

  • The player's chat head when wearing the karasu mask no longer clips through the Legacy interface.

  • Players can no longer walk through a rock on Cyclosis.

  • The blocking on certain uncharted isles has been fixed.

  • The destroy message on the hunter outfit now indicates that it can be reclaimed from Diango or a player-owned house costume room.

  • Mushroom clusters now look better when spawning on a hill on an uncharted island.

  • An unhandled dialogue state in Head of the Family when talking to the cyclops captain has been fixed.


  • Entering a Telos encounter will now offer the ability to fight an extra 5% above highest enrage. This is so players no longer need to perform two kills to get to a new highest enrage.

  • Several phase indicators have been added to Telos's life points interface.

  • Players can once again teleport to the Grand Exchange using Sliskelion pieces from the full currency pouch interface.

  • Players can once again activate the Insane Final Boss title.

  • An issue with the scroll bar on the Group Members window has been fixed.

  • Runemetrics rows no longer get muddled, showing XP added to the wrong skill.

Last week's hotfixes

  • 17/10, 11:40 UTC: A way for players to activate the golden Final Boss title has been added.

  • 17/10, 15:00 UTC: Portable wells once again apply a 10% XP bonus.

  • 18/10, 13:15 UTC: The chance to discover Cyclosis through a Player-Owned Ports voyage.

  • 18/10, 18:15 UTC: The effects of an inactive Dark Magic aura will no longer trigger when using ranged attacks.

Ninja fixes

  • Vorago's teamsplit colours have changed to red and blue to improve visibility for colourblind players.

  • The red and green outlines on celtic knot puzzles have been amended to more clearly define correct positions for colourblind players.

  • The spirit gem bag is now kept on death (outside of the Wilderness).

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31st October 2016


  • Siren models have been updated.

  • The spirit dragon pet and Iago bird pet now have chat and accompanying chathead models.

  • A stretching issue with the mammoth plushie has been fixed.

  • Minor stretching has been corrected on the crystal peacock shortbow.

  • The handcannon model has been updated to match the one used by chaos dwarves.

  • A graphical issue with with the female version of the executioner top worn with shadow demon legs has been fixed.

  • A seam in the Morytania skybox has been fixed.

  • A label issue affecting the crystal peacock armour and revenant walk animation has been fixed.

  • Several textures on the Lady Lumbridge have been fixed.

  • Halloween pumpkins by the tree stump in Fisher Realm no longer stretch.

  • The Halloween event's body part activity now shows the spotlight correctly.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Surge spells may now do up to level 99 spell damage in Daemonheim, limited by your weapon's level.

  • The log-splitting scrimshaw is now triggered by cutting bamboo and golden bamboo.

  • Decorated woodcutting urns have been added to Crafting, supporting up to 99 Woodcutting (including golden bamboo).

  • A 'Decorated Woodcutting Urn' Crafting challenge has been added.

  • The woodcutting accumulator now requires a decorated woodcutting urn (previously, the strong woodcutting urn was the highest-level urn available).

  • Woodcutting contracts in the Arc now trigger before the 'imp-souled' tool perk, counting the number of bamboo before they were sent to the bank.

  • The chance of obtaining a golden rock from Arc Divination training has been increased.

  • You can now combine positive and negative energy into ancestral energy in your inventory by using them on each other. Requires 95 Divination.

  • Wizard Goldberg has discovered that Vis Wax is stackable! As such, he'll allow you to use his wondrous machine if you're already holding a stack of wax, even if your inventory is full! Isn't science wonderful?

  • Fire giants in Daemonheim are no longer weak to fire spells.

  • The Sinkholes doomsayer warning on/off toggle has been corrected, as it was previously flipped.

  • A text error in the Defence skill guide for the 'Penance Insignia: Defender' has been fixed.

  • A typo when pedaling penny farthings has been fixed.

  • An issue where it was impossible to mix Sanfew Serum 2nd stage and magic potions has been fixed.

  • Players no longer need to have the mechanical spider legs in their inventory when purchasing the 'Dr Spider MD' pet. All mechanical legs still need to be found in order to purchase the pet.

  • Several typographical errors in the Invention of Disaster event have been corrected.

  • 'Dr Spider' is now capitalised for your viewing pleasure.

  • Puzzle-skipping tickets are no longer removed when activated while carrying a celtic knot puzzle.

  • Decorated cooking urns now affect food with level requirements up to 99 (increased from 95 Cooking). Therefore, urns now work when cooking wobbegong oil.

  • It is now possible to receive Dojo Mojo, the agility skilling pet, when you collect a ticket at the Brimhaven Agility Arena.

  • Elite skilling outfits will now correctly give bonus XP if you log out and in.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • A message displayed when adding bloodweed to vial of water has been corrected.

  • Items that are converted to coins on death are now correctly recorded on Recent Wilderness Kills noticeboard.

  • A typo in one of Nomad's memories has been fixed.

  • The 'Skip travel cut-scenes' toggle no longer prevents you from completing the In Search of the Myreque quest.

  • An issue with Vanstrom's level appearing incorrectly has been fixed.

  • Simultaneously killing multiple armoured zombies during Defender of Varrock no longer prevents you from bottling their additional red mist.

  • The unlock message for the master quest cape's requirement to collect all journals from adamant dragons has been clarified.

  • The 'Properly Metal' Task in the Tirannwn Task Set can now be completed on a trial run as intended.


  • The Defence skillguide has been split into Melee, Ranged, Magic & Other filters. A number of issues with text and outdated requirements have also been fixed.

  • Each ox on Cyclosis is now correctly referred to in the singular.

  • Player-Owned Ports armour set boots and gloves now degrade correctly.

  • Melee, magic and ranged five-piece Ports armour sets can now be added to the PoH armour case. If a three-piece set was previously stored in the armour case, then only the helm, body and legs will be given on first withdrawal.

  • Repairing PoP armour on your PoH armour stand now requires one fewer click and displays the cost in a more readable format.

  • The Death Lotus rogue cosmetic override outfit has been added to the Waiko Reward Shop. Cost is the same as the Gu ronin and Seasinger acolyte outfits.

  • Altered the description of the tinamou and pecker bird's in the Arc Journal and changed what happens when using objects like bamboo on the great pecker.

  • Foraging now has a chance to trigger the Dwarven Instinct aura.

  • After discovering a new bird on the Arc, you will no longer have the option to inspect them again.

  • Depleting a pulse core by gaining more XP than it had available will now award the correct XP.

  • Spider legs can now be banked.

  • A friends broadcast is now transmitted when a player completes the Arc journal.

  • Players who have completed the Arc's berry collection can now speak to Ani (farming merchant) to claim their reward.

  • Quick Chat phrases for chimes and taijitu have been added.

  • You can now purchase a stackable consumable from the Waiko reward shop that summons your contract giver when on an uncharted isle. The "contract contact" can be equipped in the pocket slot. A limited number can also be kept in your Arc journal and triggered from the Contracts page.

  • A contract board near Sojobo on Waiko now visually displays whether or not you've disabled Uncharted Isle contracts. The board where you choose your skill for combat contracts has been made graphically distinct.

  • When weaving with ancestral energy the progress interface now starts from the correct number.

  • Using the tortle portals on a claimed island will no longer reset the skybox.

  • The Hunter outfit now displays 'Owned' instead of 'Locked' when purchased from the Waiko Reward Shop.

  • You can now sell island customisations back to the Waiko reward vendor for the full chime price of the item.

  • The tool tip on the Death Lotus gloves in the Waiko reward shop now states you need 90 Crafting, not 90 Runecrafting.

  • Also corrected the examine of the Hunter outfit boots to be consistent with the rest of the set.

  • Players with the 15 Year Emote unlocked can now perform the 2013 version.

  • The list of elders from Defender of Varrock no longer uses a clue scroll interface to display its text.

  • A number of instances where 'surprise' was spelled incorrectly have been fixed.

Ninja Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to use magic combat abilities while not in combat to generate adrenaline without a spell set.

  • Tool leprechaun (Trollheim) and goth leprechaun no longer chat instead of opening their tool storage.

  • Surge (and similar) can no longer be used to get around the trapped floor pit puzzle in the Underground Pass.

  • Success chances on traps & obstacles in the Underground Pass have been increased.

  • Birds' nests and crystal geodes now have right-click options to loot them all in a cycling action.

  • Various multi-option teleport jewelry have been put into a standard interface, rather than dialogue options:

    • Ring of wealth
    • Amulet of glory
    • Combat bracelet
    • Necklace of skills
    • Ardougne cloak
    • Pharaoh's sceptre & sceptre of the gods
    • Drakan's medallion
    • Sixth-age circuit
    • Tokkul-zo


  • The water altar has been made to look look nicer in NXT.

  • A green strip has been removed from the Rune Essence mine.

  • A lighting issue in Missing, Presumed Death's chests puzzle room has been fixed.

  • Adjusted the inventory models of Runespan's law and body runes to be more easily distinguishable.

  • Ornate dragon armour has regained its gold trim colours in NXT.

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7th November 2016


  • A section of the Falador city walls that was disappearing with the remove roofs setting enabled has been fixed.

  • The Kamil outfit no longer disappears when teleporting in the NXT client.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • The cost of Livid Farm spells has been halved, and the difference has been refunded to those who have already unlocked them.

  • The small rune pouch will now protect on death, and drop its contents to the opponent upon dying in a PvP situation.

  • Quests, Challenges and Achievements

    • Captain Tobias's 'Pay' and 'Talk' options are now working in the correct order during A Void Dance.

    The Arc

    • A 'Planters' section has been added to the Arc journal, which (when seeds are planted at the Tuai Leit academy) displays their current status.

    • An unlimited teleport to the quartermaster in Port Sarim has been added to the Arc journal.

    • The Arc journal teleport can provide access to any Arc teletabs previously purchased without needing to carry the teletab in the backpack. This feature is purchased from the Waiko Reward Shop for 1,000 chimes. This unlock is a completionist cape requirement.

    • Players can no longer hide from the malignant entity on Goshima by opening an interface.

    • Sojobo's combat contract XP rewards now scale with the player's chosen skill. No changes have been made to skilling contracts.

    • There is now some feedback stating how many chimes or taijitu were received from fortunate bakami/orokami.


    • The herb burner is now reclaimable from Diango at no cost.

    • The activation chance of raids armour has been halved in PvP combat.

    • The diminishing-returns drop off for stuns in PvP combat has been lowered to 7.2 seconds.

    • Reflect will now reflect 25% of damage received back at the attacker in PvP combat.

    • The information given on the Reflect ability tooltip has been improved.

    • Goliath gloves and spellcaster gloves no longer interrupt in PvP.

    • A bank PIN check has been added to the Wilderness sword teleports.

    • Players can no longer damage slayer monsters outside of their Slayer level with certain abilities.

    • Players will no longer be spammed with messages by quickly removing and re-equipping the Zombie outfit.

    • An issue that was causing some tradeable Treasure Hunter items to not appear on the Grand Exchange has been fixed.

    • The sprout bonus XP message shown on login for players that have no remaining plant sprays has been removed.

    • The tooltip for XP lamp warning messages in the gameplay settings interface has been corrected.

    • Benedict Encumberyak has taken up a more permanent residence by the gate at the south Varrock entrance.

    • Balthazar has left Burthorpe, returning to the circus.

    Last week's hotfixes

    • 31/10, 17:00 UTC: Players can no longer keepsake the Hellfire bow.

    • 31/10, 17:15 UTC: Players no longer appear to still have the Hellfire bow equipped upon exiting the Wilderness.

    • 31/10, 17:30 UTC: Players can no longer telegrab the Hellfire bow.

    • 01/11, 12:00 UTC: Players can no longer grab the Hellfire bow by standing on the edge of the Wilderness while bound, and reach over the Wilderness boundary to pick it up.

    • 01/11, 12:00 UTC: Players can no longer attempt to loot a bird nest with a full inventory.

    • 03/11, 17:00 UTC: The elite desert thieving outfit no longer functions as the master outfit.

07-Nov-2016 14:57:47



Jagex Moderator Forum Profile Posts by user

14th November 2016

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Players can now check their progress in the Empty Throne Room with Celia Diggory.

  • Players can no longer remote bank all energy types (including cursed), such as via imp boxes or legendary pets.

  • Some messages that incorrectly referenced the Crucible rather than Deathmatch have been fixed.

  • The Make-X system now works correctly with a rune pouch.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • Corrected an issue where a player had fully repaired the Lady Lumbridge during Dragon Slayer, but Ned didn't believe it was fully repaired enough.


  • The Zombie Walk animation override is no longer disabled after an hour.

  • Lava strykewyrms will no longer reduce damage taken for the first 10 seconds.

  • Reclaiming stackable items from a gravestone will now add to other existing stacks in the backpack.

Last Week's Hotfixes

  • 07/11, 14:30 UTC: Dwarven miners in the Empty Throne Room now deposit more crystals at a faster rate.

  • 07/11, 15:15 UTC: Bikes in the Senntisten throne room can now be pedalled with no crystals in the Refinatrix.

  • 07/11, 20:15 UTC: Buying multiple XP lamps for a random skill from the Arc no longer awards a single lamp for the price of several.

  • 08/11, 12:00 UTC: Gaining burning embers from a daily challenge with one free inventory space while owed a challenge bag no longer disconnects the player.

  • 08/11, 14:15 UTC: The Make-X system no longer closes itself when selecting a recipe which uses runes.

  • 08/11, 14:15 UTC: Players can now earn burning embers for the Birth by Fire event when killing Araxxi, the Queen Black Dragon and Telos.

  • 08/11, 14:15 UTC: Players are now able to gain burning embers and strange rocks from the Empty Throne Room.

  • 08/11, 15:10 UTC: Players can now re-enter the slug cave during the Salt in the Wound quest if they use the "skip cutscene" for travelling on ships.

  • 08/11, 16:40 UTC: Herb burners are now persistently stored with Diango.

  • 09/11, 14:50 UTC: Mystery boxes from the Birth by Fire event now award the correct variant of spirit gem.

24-Nov-2016 10:39:46



Jagex Moderator Forum Profile Posts by user

21st November 2016


  • Players can no longer see the Void Knights' Outpost from Pest Control island in NXT.

  • Minor stretching on Peska the barbarian has been fixed.

  • Clipping issues with the Shaman leggings and capes have been fixed.

  • The reborn phoenix pouch on the summoning creation interface for Crimson charms has been realigned.

  • The frog mask model for female characters has been adjusted.

  • Stretching issues on the dragon ceremonial breastplate have been fixed.

  • Superhero lightning overrides no longer stretch when using the Revenant walk override.

  • Ak-Haranu's sword will no longer clip into his body.

  • The top of a deformed cliff by the brilliant divination colony has been flattened.

  • Players can now see the gaze effects with the cursed reaver hood.

  • A stretching issue when wearing a replica Bandos chestplate and an augmented drygore mace has been fixed.

  • A section of the Falador north east wall that was floating has now been corrected.

  • A stretching texture on the wall in the Ithell harp room has been fixed.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • A message has been added to inform players when their slayer contract is being completed instead of their slayer task.

  • The last kill in a slayer task while under the effect of a Wilderness slayer experience enhancer will now give the correct amount of Bonus XP.

  • The 'Research: Rune ethereal outfit pieces' listing on the Invention skill guide now lists the correct outfit in the description.

  • The Yes/No options when upgrading gear with Bounty Hunter rewards have been capitalised.

  • The Hellfire bow will no longer spawn on a Bounty Hunter world.

  • Obliteration now states the correct accuracy on the Equip interface.

  • The revenant pet no longer appears unlocked for all players on the Pet interface.

  • The damage value on Superior Vesta's spear has been corrected.

  • The available range of valid targets on a Bounty Hunter world now increases faster.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • A sextant on the tool belt can now be used on Thurgo's paper scrap in the Defender of Varrock quest.

  • A typo on the Wilderness achievements reward info has been corrected.

  • The hint for the "Doom!" achievement now points in the correct direction.

  • Removed an unnecessary "and" from Bilrach's letter.

  • Players will now always receive a Senntisten scroll if they failed to obtain them before reaching the experience cap in all 3 activities inside the empty throne room.


  • The Miasmic Barrage special attack has been added to superior and augmented superior Zuriel's staves.

  • The lightning rod hat and its 'Inspiration' animation have been separated into separate overrides (for players who have bought the hat reward from Iron Doc), allowing players to toggle the hat and animation on or off independently of each other.

  • The superior Death Lotus rogue override now overrides Death Lotus armour in PvP areas.

  • Players can no longer claim mystery boxes from converting burning embers while inside Daemonheim.

  • Scalable npcs will now grant the correct amount of combat experience upon death.

  • Drakan's medallion no longer uses charges when teleporting from the Werewolf Skullball/Agility course or Dr Fenkenstrain's experiments dungeon.

  • A typo in the Arc journal entry for cocoaberry has been fixed.

  • Quickchat messages for the Arc energy count have been amended to state successful siphons rather than actual amount of energy to avoid confusion.

  • The Quickchat option referring to selling to Waiko merchants no longer mentions Waiko, as merchants can be found on other islands as well.

  • The Quickchat option for the Lumbridge Rebuildathon has been removed.

  • Using a deathtouched dart on the previously most-enraged Telos fight no longer prevents players from receiving the Warden title on subsequent attempts.

  • The blocking of Egg's beacon chest uniform when open and closed has been made uniform.

  • Some blocked tiles in a Lumbridge cow field have been fixed.

  • It is no longer possible to walk on the lava south-west of Ardougne.

  • Blocked a tile in the Wilderness that caused the player to sink onto lava.

  • A number of force-walk tiles in Catherby near a signpost and in the desert south of the Citharede Abbey have been fixed.

  • Legendary pets will no longer occasionally delete items they are trying to pick up.

  • The healing tooltip on all variants of the Guthix rest potions has been corrected.

Last week's hotfixes

  • 14/11, 16:35 UTC: Lowered Obliteration's accuracy to tier 87.

  • 14/11, 16:35 UTC: Players can no longer use a Birth by Fire daily limit extender after 0:00 UTC without logging out first.

  • 14/11, 16:50 UTC: An issue that was disconnecting players when using uncharged variants of dyed augmented armour.

  • 14/11, 17:30 UTC: Flags can once again be bought from the Arc's reward shop.

  • 14/11, 17:50 UTC: The Protect Item prayer now works on Bounty Hunter worlds via quick prayers.

  • 14/11, 17:50 UTC: An occasional disconnect when killing another player on a Bounty Hunter world.

  • 14/11, 17:50 UTC: Repeatedly logging out on a Bounty Hunter world no longer resets the logout timer.

  • 15/11, 12:30 UTC: Players can no longer request a new Bounty Hunter target if they lost a target due to logging out for 60 minutes, or from cancelling their target for 15 minutes.

  • 15/11, 12:30 UTC: Repeatedly jumping in and out of the Wilderness on a Bounty Hunter world no longer prevents the safety timer from working.

  • 15/11, 14:40 UTC: Players may no longer trade on a Bounty Hunter world, other than via the Grand Exchange.

  • 15/11, 14:40 UTC: Tradeable items worth over 50,000 coins can no longer be dropped freely on a Bounty Hunter world.

  • 15/11, 14:40 UTC: Logging onto a non-Bounty Hunter world will now clear the current target and impose a penalty.

  • 15/11, 14:40 UTC: Players can no longer withdraw coins from their money pouch on Bounty Hunter worlds.

  • 15/11, 14:40 UTC: An issue that was causing certain PvP weapons to instantly degrade has been fixed.

  • 15/11, 16:20 UTC: The 10-minute wait to get a new target when the opponent has left has been reduced to 6 minutes.

  • 15/11, 16:20 UTC: Players can no longer use a Carnillean chest on a Bounty world.

  • 16/11, 16:55 UTC: Reduced the re-queuing penalty in Bounty Hunter when losing a target via the safety timer to 30 minutes, and clearing a target to 5 minutes.

  • 16/11, 16:55 UTC: Ironmen can no longer purchase the tier 87 weapons or the necklace from the Bounty Hunter store.

  • 16/11, 16:55 UTC: A login check to remove tier 87 weapons and the necklace from Ironmen has been added, refunding the Bounty Hunter points.

  • 16/11, 16:55 UTC: Rogue kills no longer reset a player's assigned Bounty Hunter target.

  • 17/11, 16:30 UTC: The re-queuing penalty now works with the the auto-queue feature on logging in to a Bounty Hunter world.

  • 18/11, 09:15 UTC: A login check has been added to ensure players that have bought Birth by Fire extenders receive any that they were missing.

24-Nov-2016 10:40:54

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