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Hello everyone i am a long time player and have enjoyed playing for a while but as of late i have been playing less and its been a while since ive been on but i logged in today and all of my valuables were missing like amy of fury all my god swords and like 20 mill and the list goes on. i'm quite upset about this and i have no idea how it happened. If there is any way i can get my stuff back that'd be awesome and i'd love to help or if anyone has anything that they think could help please notify me thank you :)

21-Mar-2017 03:00:30

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Sadly all you can do is make sure your computer is secure by running scans with anti-virus and anti-malware software. Then change your passwords and look in to setting up the Authenticator on your PC or phone. There is no item returns for loss from hacks or by any other means outside of Jagex's control.

Good luck on rebuilding.
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Can't get your stuff back, sorry mate.

You can, however, better protect your account in the future.
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