is this possible?

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so i'm arguing with a clanmate because he said someone right now this second got over 140million exp in fishing in 3 me that's not possible nor will it ever be possible because not even Jagex mods,the creators of the game can do that legitimately. :O

20-Mar-2017 22:26:38

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you can get fast fish xp with prif lamps from crystal things but 140m is to much in my op

and soo far this week on HiScores for this week in fish is 18m xp and top xp in fish this month is 40m xp soooo he lieing

20-Mar-2017 22:34:03

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It's entirely possible it was a bit of server lag upon logging in.

When you log in you'd get a huge xp loadout giving you a chunk of XP... but it's the XP you already gained.
Just your account being booted up. :P

Otherwise yes, complete BS.
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21-Mar-2017 04:06:03

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