Someone helping me at Wyrms?

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I've been killing some Lavastryke Wyrms as perusal, however twice now I've seen someone intercept this same exact pker who has chased after me. It seems to me that this is the same guy, as both times he intercepted this mage he had some bandos gear on. In result, this seems kind of coordinated to me as the exact same thing has happened twice. During these times I have been using a zaryte bow, so is there any chance that they want me to use an AOE ability to some how skull from hitting the none skulled guy.

Anyways, I just thought that i'd point this out. If anyone has anything to add that would be awesome, because i'm really confused as to whether or not this guy that has intercepted this pker, is part of trying to get my gear, or if he legitimately hates this pker at Lavastryke Wyrms.



21-Mar-2017 01:48:24

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It could be either, to be honest. When I anti-pk, I often do run into the same pkers at the same locations. Though, knowing the pkers.. I wouldn't put something like this past them.

21-Mar-2017 01:59:27

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