Patch Notes 22/01

Quick find code: 15-16-200-65982606

of 9
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Waiting patiently for the fix on sunfury armor. Had all tier 2 except the helm override, buy an unowned piece from vic and boom: no helm and lost my tier 2 cape. :(
Omw to 120 Mining!!!

22-Jan-2018 16:33:52

Arrow Flint
Dec Member 2017

Arrow Flint

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I'm having trouble with the launcher. I can log in to the lobby just fine, but when I try to go into the game world, I just get a never-ending black screen of loading. Anyone else having this issue?

This wasn't happening before the update, so is there any setting I need to change that might be causing this lack of load?

22-Jan-2018 17:38:02

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I don't think we need both a knock out aura and a master knock out aura, surely the master knock out aura is enough for those who have unlocked the better version.
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22-Jan-2018 17:59:16

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