Patch Notes 05/02

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YugoWakfu said:
Also thank you for fixing the crash issue when trying to close the client, I had that happen when I log out and try to close it freezes and crashes

Yeah, had to force quit the client because it was crashing too
Glad it's fixed

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Nothing like a nice cuppa tea, going to w2 lodestone and start healing and teleblocking players who are being smited with nox bow and such. Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered

05-Feb-2018 12:19:45

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It has almost been a month since the Combat Target Information box has stopped appearing.

Selecting "Always show target information" is NOT a fix due to the fact that while selected, it no longer displays the HP bars of ANY monsters other than the one you are currently fighting.

This problem has been complained about for almost four weeks now through the forums and Reddit and I submit daily bug reports on the fact that it is still missing.

05-Feb-2018 14:29:13

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