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Mod Jam said:
Draekeun said:
I hope next week the gazes with assassin walk will be fixed as requested by many players.

This isn't a bug I'm afraid. It's due to the position of the player head & eyes during the walk and the positioning of the gaze. Would require a rework of the animation, resulting in it looking much different to the one you currently have.

I kinda figured it wasn't a bug, but I guess everybody else thinks it is...

Final Feud said:
Just a friendly reminder to never forget that momma had a chicken, momma had a cow, dad was proud, he didn't care how!

what map gltich?

NaturalNam said:
No frost dragon update :'(

umm whats needing to be updated?

Jiinxy said:
Thank you for this week's patches :)

Will you be changing the colour of the Illuminated Book of Wisdom to match the Saradomin's Book of Wisdom?

seems like an oversight tbh, they forgot about it.
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05-Feb-2018 14:41:56

Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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"•Hovering over an NPC while in combat now correctly shows their overhead bar."

Wow, I always wondered about that and why I was being punished for attacking enemies. If I knew this was something that could be fixed I would have complained a billion times. So now I am going to take a better look at the game and demand satisfaction. :P

05-Feb-2018 14:53:24

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yay, the nxt bug at the waterfall area was fixed!! ty. i was trying to do a clue at the waterfall house and my screen was getting frozen.

and ty ninjas. as usual the best updates usually come from ninja team. :D

05-Feb-2018 15:04:03



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In what world did you guys think that you fixed "Hovering over an NPC while in combat now correctly shows their overhead bar."?

Do you even test these things before you put them on the patch list? NOTHING pops up at all whenever you hover over your combat target. The health bar doesn't even display. The only thing that gets displayed is the combat information IF you have it toggled to on, but even then the HP bar over the target is still missing.

Literally cannot even tell what you all think you fixed regarding that "patch".

05-Feb-2018 15:42:04

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Thanks for the updates! Very nice qol improvements all around. :)

I know a lot of ironmen that were kinda bummed about the reqs needed for a soul talisman, so that shifting tombs update helps a lot. For some strange reason I already have a soul talisman on my wicked hood interface. Not sure how I got it since I definitely didn't have the reqs to get one before this update, but I was relieved to not have to raise my slayer for it lol.

I'm very happy about the Sunspear update as it was kinda wonky with weapon swapping when initially implemented. If at all possible, I'd really like to see further improvement that allows you to swap to the strongest weapon in your inventory for that style (to avoid using drops and whatnot) when you switch bars. That way I can weapon swap using keyboard shortcuts without having to put weapons on my bar (would be especially great for Sunspear since you have to right-click that one if it's your only weapon).

The NXT fix is so very nice. I was getting really tired of having to use task manager to close it all the time.

Thank you very much for Familiarization rework. It'll be much easier to keep track of it with all other weeklies.

05-Feb-2018 16:46:29



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Surely as Saradomin's god book came first, the fairer thing would be to change the colour of Armadyl's book?
(Previously: Pyroc)

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