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Are there any requirements before you have a chance at getting a soul talisman from shifting tombs? Other than access to shifting tombs. Is 'Phite Club required to be finished before?

06-Feb-2018 08:48:22

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VonDaAngel said:
In what world did you guys think that you fixed "Hovering over an NPC while in combat now correctly shows their overhead bar."?

Do you even test these things before you put them on the patch list? NOTHING pops up at all whenever you hover over your combat target. The health bar doesn't even display. The only thing that gets displayed is the combat information IF you have it toggled to on, but even then the HP bar over the target is still missing.

Literally cannot even tell what you all think you fixed regarding that "patch".
You have to turn it on in the settings.

The previous update where they "fixed" some bug with the target info bar turned it off by default.

06-Feb-2018 17:46:32

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Improving banking for Entrana etc is nice for mobile RS but I am still annoyed that I have to enter ports to bank if I forget something and there is no bank chest in Port Sarim. It would be a great quest reward- Port Sarim bank chest if ports ban is unlocked.

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