Memorial to Guthix: Overview

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Memorial to Guthix: Overview

Hello everyone,

I’m Mod Manti and some of you might have heard of me from previous forum posts such as the Master Quest Cape development blog or The Arc’s XP/chime rates. With the release date of The Memorial to Guthix fast approaching, and having been in charge of balancing for the project, we thought that this would be the ideal time to share some numbers and benefits of the content with you! :)

Memory strands

The (functional) aim of this project is to give Divination slightly more diversity, rather than just achieving “level x” and moving onto the next-best colony (and repeating the same process again) you should now find yourself gathering Memory Strands to compliment your Divination training. Memory strand gathering is balanced to be around 300 memory strands per hour but due to the nature of how randomness works there will be cases where someone manages to get over 500 in an hour or, unluckily, just 100. Memory strands will be found from any main divination colony, including elder, positive/negative and ancestral.

Memory strands are used to attune the engrams that you find scattered around the world, each requiring a different number of strands. By attuning engrams and adding them to the memorial you will be unlocking pieces of lore that tie-in to Guthix, you will have the ability to place your attuned engrams around the memorial and, most importantly, each engram has a reward attached to it. Once you attune and add it to the memorial you will find yourself unlocking one of the twelve passive rewards that you can “pick and mix” once a week or whenever you add a new engram.

I will not be going into rewards in too much detail so they can be discovered by you but it is worth mentioning that the rewards tie into Divination both passively and actively; some of the rewards will be giving small Divination-related benefits outside of Divination, some will be affecting second-hand Divination training methods whilst some will be tying right into the core Divination training methods. The rewards are permanent (and passive) additions to the game that are unlocked just by training Divination, we believe that they should provide something for everyone. :)

Xp Benefits

As you may know, there will be some XP rewards for engaging with the content on top of the passive rewards that you unlock. Attuning the engrams and adding them to the memorial requires some divine energy, each engram requires different type and amount of energy but we have not put a requirement of gathering the energy yourself, players (other than ironmen) can choose to purchase the energy off the GE. Even if you choose to collect the energy yourself, the small number of energy required would not take more than five minutes per engram.

Below are the GP costs, amount of energy required and time taken for attuning each engram. I have removed the names of energy in order not to induce more “panic buying” of energy than it already has. :) We are aware that the energy prices will go up for the first few days due to (mostly) completionist and merchanting players trying to purchase them but considering that more players will be gathering energy, prices shouldn’t be too affected in the long run (Click the image to see full-size).

Here’s a full breakdown of Divination XP rewards that you will be receiving when participating in the content, on top of the usual Divination XP that you receive whilst gathering memory strands:
• An equivalent of a medium XP lamp for attuning and placing an engram.
• A Guthix butterfly will spawn each time you pick up an engram and/or prestige.
- This XP is optional, if you wish to not receive it then all you have to do is not click the butterfly.
• A small chunk of XP will be given each time you prestige and a Guthix butterfly will spawn.
• Memory strands can be traded in for XP after you prestige for the first time, if you decide that you are not interested in pursuing further rewards and would rather just cash your surplus strands in.
- The minimum amount needed to trade them in for XP is 1,000 (which equals about 4 hours of Divination training) and will award XP equal to that of a medium XP lamp.
• Orla, at the entrance to the memorial, will reward players who have achieved level 99, virtual level 120 or 200m XP in Divination once all 12 engrams have been attuned at least once.

What does this mean for standard Divination training? Just by training Divination (at level 99), you will find that:
• Attuning engrams adds an extra 26k XP/hr to your Divination XP before prestiging.
- 20k XP/hr after prestiging once, this is due to memory strands taking longer to find.
- ~17k XP/hr after prestiging twice, the scaling stops after the second prestige.
- Some players prefer to see gp-to-XP rates, in this case we’d be looking at something around 5gp-to-XP at later prestige levels.
• Trading memory strands to Divination XP adds 5.5k to 7k extra XP per hour to your Divination training, depending on your prestige level (more about prestige further down).


The word prestige tends to bring shivers down your spine but I wanted to expand on how it works within the Memorial to Guthix and why it’s slightly different to what you might expect.

Usually, after hearing prestige, you expect everything to be erased and that you’d need to start from scratch. It is not entirely true here; whenever a player prestiges their engrams do get reset and they will need to find them again but the rewards stay unlocked and on top of it – an extra reward slot is unlocked each time you prestige, up to a maximum of four. First reward slot is unlocked at the same time the first engram is attuned and added to the memorial whilst each prestige, up to the third time, will unlock the ability to select an extra passive reward out of the twelve available.

Another extra for prestiging is that players will start finding slightly more memory strands when training Divination, meaning they can attune the engrams faster or trade the memory strands in for Divination XP quicker. Below are the average gathering rates at different levels of prestige:

Completionist/Trim/MQC requirements

Some of you might be wondering what you will have to do this week to upkeep your capes, we thought that there is little reason to hide the requirements at this point thus here they are:

• Completionist cape and the master quest cape will require attuning (and adding) all 12 engrams.
- This shows having discovered the lore available within the memorial as each engram carries some lore tied to Guthix.
• Trimmed completionists will be required to prestige the memorial three times.
- This unlocks all four (maximum) active rewards slots, i.e. exhausting the rewards this content has to offer.

Hopefully you have the found this small blog interesting, we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts in-game and on social media! :)

Mod Manti & the Guardians
Mod Manti
| RuneScape Titans QA | @JagexManti

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