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At first glance, I was upset with the worn items layout.

Looked at it for a few minutes, I think I am going to like it.

The wardrobe customization on the other hand, way overdone, a bit too much going on in one place, some ideas with it work but overall, hard to look at.
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06-Mar-2017 15:54:21

Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Thanks for your feedback everyone, we're taking it onboard :) Mod Kalaya |
Community Manager | @JagexKalaya

06-Mar-2017 16:03:34

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Phoenix Egglings Pets.
I had 8. But 4 got taken from my POH. So just have 2 there now. And the 2 I had in my bank got taken. They had been added to my pet interface. But ...............

How do I now keep up the count for who has the most in game. ?

06-Mar-2017 16:10:32

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I don't suppose we'll ever get Thelassia's Fine Clothes (default clothing makeover) added to the wardrobe? The poor hairdresser was put out of business a long while ago for the same reason...

06-Mar-2017 16:20:32

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thanks for new wardrobe, really better now, especially with all the filters,
old wardrobe was pain with off-hand items.
and for those who crying, in time you get used to it, and will notice that new one is really better! ;)

06-Mar-2017 18:00:04

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"Anyone in the mass who doesn't have the book can pick it up."

Why just why can this not be done for AOD.

If only they lend a helping hand for us still trying to fulfill our MQC requirement @ AOD! Unhappy....


EDIT: I finally got my Lore books, I am happy again.... LOL ^_^

06-Mar-2017 18:15:22 - Last edited on 07-Mar-2017 00:53:12 by Queenvalerie

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