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There was an idea/plan to introduce tier 90 repair by using a new tier 90 component on a current tier 90 component that had used all its charges, thus allowing the ability to train tier 90 armour to level 20 and repairing, avoiding the loss current augmented level.

1. Has this been implemented?
2. Is there still a plan to implement?
3. Is there somewhere where it is clearly explained?

21-Feb-2018 17:03:17



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Hey Kingduffy!

I've looked into the stuff about the tier 90 repair. Sadly I can't find anything at this time so I'll pass this along to the devs to see if we can get an update for you guys.

In the meantime please keep as much of the Mining and Smithing Beta posts to the M&S Beta Hub. Thanks. :)

I'm also going to lock this thread so we can keep all the M&S Beta stuff in one place.
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22-Feb-2018 20:19:14

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