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Festive eggs the hole thing was kinda all 10 eggs can i still turn them in? ...same whit port Sarim tokens...there should be a place to turn in old re-ward tokens for the coz that was there/\/\ the older it is the more the tokens are worth

20-Feb-2018 20:49:32

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The eggs on their own gives no reward. In order to get the title you should've accomplished the following.

"Find all 10 eggs"
"Talk to all NPCs at the Lumbridge crater that had dialogue"
"Interact with all activities"
"Own all items that can be bought with tickets"

Since the Spring Fayre aren't in the game anymore, I think it's safe to say that you can't turn the eggs in.

(Source: RSW.)
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20-Feb-2018 22:42:56

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Closing this as a duplicate - this isn't about a Future update that is confirmed to be coming to the game, and is instead a suggestion for a new way to interact with existing content, hence the thread in the Existing Content forum is a bit of a better fit in terms of thread location.

20-Feb-2018 23:06:13

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