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51st Player Gallery

We had some amazing entries to the 'Simply The Quest' competition.

I'm pleased to announce that we have two winners and two pieces of 200th Quest art work to give away.

Joint 1st place goes to V O R P A L for the piece titled "200" for the quest Dimension of Disaster and Arthur II for the piece titled "Principium Finis" in relation to the quest While Guthix Sleeps. Well done to you both! =)

2nd place goes Nimrodh for a piece called "Temples Desecrated" also for the quest While Guthix Sleeps. Nice one =)

And 3rd place goes to Red Squirrel for this piece "One Down, One To Go" again for the quest While Guthix Sleeps. Very nice ^_^

Well, it's clear to see which quest everyone loves the most! :P

Again, we had so many entries for this competition and it was really difficult to choose a top 3 (in this case 4). You all had some really good work and here are a few that caught our teams eye.

Special mentions to:

(top left)

Title: "Hazelmere's End"
Quest: While Guthix Sleeps

(top right)

Title: Roc And Roll
Quest: My Armĺs Big Adventure

Tonky P
(bottom left)

Title: "Not the Hero You're Looking For"
Quest: Sheep Shearer

Ignis Deae
(bottom right)

Title: "Nightmare"
Quest: Fate of the Gods

Just a few more that we wanted to share. =)

Angel Luzbel
Title: "Fight against Dessous"
Quest: Desert Treasure

Title: "Allies and Foes"
Quest: Heart of Stone

Title: "ARGH!"
Quest: Dimension of Disaster

Title: "Putting Elvarg back to bed"
Quest: Dragon Slayer

Normally we don't share as many on the forums (all entries will be uploaded onto the wiki) but we had so many we wanted to share in the meantime. =)

Don't worry for those that aren't posted here, they'll be on the main Player Gallery wiki page once it's up and running again. Thanks to everyone that has taken part, it's been truly amazing to see such amazing talent within the RS community!

To the winners of the concept art, you will be contacted via message centre. Nimrodh and Red Squirrel you're prizes will be added on at the end of the week.

A reminder to anyone entering the 52nd Player Gallery - Nature's Takeover, you have till tomorrow 12pm GAME TIME to get your entries in. ✎
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woop to Sabrina (Red Squirrel) and Drengr for representing the "Yuu" FC with their fantastic artwork!
Always love looking at these art submissions! :D
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Well done to everyone that has taken part. I really can't stress how good all the entries were. =D
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Some awesome art here, congratulations to the winners! Mod Jon - Livestream & Video Producer - @JagexJon
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