Royal Costumes on the SoF!

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Well, jagex turned into greedy folks since andrew gower left.
They started to make the game more graphics the old rs was ownage and thats when runescape made a hit in this world.
My old comp could run runescape easy like a cupcake back these days.
Now you must have some good comp or else u can forget the game.
They started doing SOF and the new other thing.
Thats how you know that jagex is getting greedy.
They are making the new combat thingy just like world of warcraft, they dont even listen to their community. They want the game to be WOW or like all other games.
Wich will be epic easy to kill people then in the new combat thing. spam the hotkey and ur done. runescape was a verry hard game back these days when you had no hotkeys such as f1 f2. thats when the pking was fo real.
now 12 year olds are able to pk with overpowered gear and vioala.
if you look at the statistics of runescape back in 2004/2007 the game was crowded as hell. until the wildy update, now the sof, and the new graphics made it suck either.
I am not saying i willquit this game, cuz i still have hope.
Please do not make the update of the combat evolutuion.
But o what the heck they wont even listen to me, they already made their plans and invested money in this so saying no and that they will listen is a Zero.
Have fun!

19-Jul-2012 14:51:59

ajax the gr8

ajax the gr8

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i love the idea of royal guard outfit and hope to complete it. one thing i'd like to know is when will this end? I've got the staff, top and shoes and only got the legs and hat to go! YAY! :D a good idea would be to have more chances to obtain the items. the costume is just too good.

29-Jul-2012 14:36:00

Jul Member 2006


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What I want to know is the uniform foreve or wll it disappear at end of summer? I have all queen except the staff thing. I dont normally collect any costumes but I like this one and the dragon but i dont have many of it

25-Aug-2012 14:35:30

Kymil Lir

Kymil Lir

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I heard somewhere in the forums of an idea of placing the costumes in Solomon's store. I like this idea, since it would guarantee the possibility of obtaining the costumes, granted it might turn out costing $ for Runecoins. I'm sure there would be another flood of complaints about that, but at least it would then be possible to obtain them.
Personally, I'm really hoping to get the full Dragon Ceremonial outfit, but it's extremely difficult to obtain rare items on Squeal of Fortune. I'm sure it's been asked before, but would you please find a way to make these costumes (especially the Dragon Ceremonial) easier to obtain?
I also agree that, fellow users, if you don't like the feature, you may simply not use it and you are not obliged to harass and foul-mouth Jagex. I doubt they are as careless of their clients or as greedy as some here have claimed.

01-Sep-2012 04:05:53



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^ i also want the full dragon ceremonial for the last 2 days i have been mass questing and apart from the 2 parts i had since start i haven't got any leaving me with incomplete costume :( at lest i have sunbathe emote
they will never put it in Salomon they promised not to combine the SOF with salomon:|

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