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Great update
With this update it's giving players more fun playing the game and trying to defeat a more powerful and skillful monster having the player maneuver around it to kill her! as well with adding another monster to the npc list where many people might not want to see the same boring cows. Which don't get me wrong can be fun at a low level and aren't hideous looking at them making u want to quit the game. But rather just fun seeing the new developments of the game, good work and hope to see more successful updates in the future.

09-Jun-2012 12:20:50



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Im f2p and for some reason I cant join that Cryptic clues fest for Jubilee. I kept asking Essjay "Can I help?" in reply she asks "have you read my predicament?" or something like that but my character keeps saying "".
How do I get involved in the cryptic clues fest? Isnt this the predicament that the Jmod typed?

11-Jun-2012 06:51:35

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23-Nov-2012 02:13:02

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