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23-Nov-2012 02:15:14



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I just want to say this Ive been a rs player for about 10 years and this game was good until beta came out. You lost alot of business in pking for one it was the dumbest thing ever with these new special abilities or whatever it is. Also just how it looks. The old rs update stupid to why not make another server were it was like in 2010 were the hits are normal and stats are same as they are now with all of our stuff in our bank that we own. That would bring my business back and probably about couple 10,000 or more back. Alot of people liked the game how it was. This game has taken a downfall in past year or two since beta. Take this into consideration about how game was before beta might get more business back definitly mine. This sounds like this will be like it was before beta is this true? "mod Williams" because if it is my business will be back

21-Dec-2013 08:43:04

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