Community Round-Up 15/11

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It’s Community Round-Up time, and this week we’re looking at even more awesome Evolution of Combat community activities along with a whole host of Thanksgiving fun!
Thanksgiving 2012
It’s almost Thanksgiving, and the RuneScape community is stuffed with turkey-tastic fun and competitions! There are turkey invasions in Varrock; prizes for counting dead turkeys; a scavenger hunt across the internet and - of course - more player-run celebrations than you can shake a turkey drummer at! You can find out more and join in with the festivities over on the forum.
Video Makers at the Duel Arena
The ongoing battle between some of RuneScape’s finest YouTubers is heating up as we enter the second rounds this week. Be sure to observe the duels and show your support for your favourite video makers this Saturday! Duel times can be found over on the forum thread here.

Evolution of Combat Video Guides
You may have already seen some of the great videos coming from the RuneScape community regarding Evolution of Combat and there’s so many more! We’ll be featuring some of our favourite videos over on our Facebook page in the coming days so be sure to 'Like' RuneScape.

Fansite News
The fansites are still busy preparing for the huge Evolution of Combat update and RSBandB have already done just that with their handy Action Bar tool. This neat app allows you to play around with various Action Bar set-ups and share them with the community! They’re also running a competition for the best set-ups, so be sure to get involved with that!
Fancy some PvM? RuneZone have you covered with their huge boss battle bonanza happening on the 1st December! There are some great prizes on offer so it’s certainly worth getting involved! You can sign up and find out more over on RuneZone’s forum.
RuneScape Football League
RuneScape player and football fanatic Bigg Benn regularly hosts RuneScape football matches, and is looking for more players to get involved! If football is your thing, then perhaps you can join the RuneScape Football League! Find out more and get involved here.
Community Creativity
Following on from last week’s incredible real-life Dark Bow creation, we have another player created weapon – a real-life Gravite 2H sword! Tying in nicely with this week’s Dungeoneering improvements, this impressive sword was made by RuneScaper Evilcoen13.

If you want to see your RuneScape creations featured in the weekly Community Round-Up, send it over to us at!
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Mod Mike

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It's awesome, Evilcoen13! Great work - we love seeing stuff like this! I've also passed it onto our very own Dungeoneering master, Mod Chris L :D

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Very nice work indeed, Evilcoen. :J If you'd have recorded yourself making it as Will did, it would have been more interesting to watch. The final outcome is impressive nevertheless.
Luxia Fowl

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