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@OP, why would you say you're fine with one of the compromises, only to follow that up with words that clearly show otherwise?

Since we apparently still aren't done, I guess it's back to the drawing board. Still interested to hear more feedback on this compromise:

Blackwing said:
1. Introduce a new currency, let's say "holiday points" to give it a name.
2. For every year of membership that you've exhausted, you gain a holiday point.
3. During the respective holiday, once you've completed that year's version of the holiday event, you're able to buy alternate versions of that type of holiday's discontinued rewards with your holiday point(s).

IMO this would be a good balance and make you truly consider what you want the most. > )
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26-Nov-2018 15:29:52

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old school did it the right way with the holiday items its time for rs3 to adapt that policy of getting previous year rewards for completing the current years event.

26-Nov-2018 21:06:03



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Turksta said:
^Because we've already decided that we do not want an "alternate" version.
not to mention "Holiday points" is just a rip off of loyalty points, which Blackwing rejected.

Not to mention Holiday Points supports bringing them back, which according to Blackwing, destroys the value he wants to protect.

Not to mention the points would have to be added to the currency pouch, as well as a whole new interface menu we have to learn.. and who here has complained about there being a clutter problem?

Not to mention the new concept behind these points would mean it will take players decades to get just the items that currently exist, and I don't think people will like that.

All in all, it's just a bad concept. Don't you agree?
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28-Nov-2018 02:37:44

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Support. Just make them only obtainable via loyalty points and make it so older holiday items require more loyalty points. I think that makes it fair. It makes it so only the people that really want a specific untradeable holiday item get it without quickly getting all the others. This also means players will have to patiently wait some years before getting another one so they choose so.

(Plz don't forget about wintumber treeee)

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