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Just want to ask to fix the Shadow dragoon outfit when i use my revnant walk.
The torn get in the face and it does not look awsome at all. I know its not the outfit for it but it looks awsome with my Shadow drake. All other outfits work well but not the Dragoon one.
Thnx if u can fix it or change it in some way

19-Dec-2018 17:01:53

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This is probably not the answer you wanted but until /or if jagex fixes the shadow
dragoon head the way you want, the Scorpion outfit works well to mix and match

I think the shadow dragoon looks good but i almost always use the head of the
scorpion called scorpian prosoma.

Also I would like to point out the sides of your face showing is showing because
the head piece is a piece of armor not supposed to be a shadow dragoon yourself.

I dont know if you understand the difference but that is how i see it anyway.

Try that scorpion headpiece though I think it looks rather good with the dragoon
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