Deathbeard's outfit

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As I stated in the Thread about Beta Scientist outfit, If you have to do something IN GAME to get it you should not be allowed to just buy it on Solomons.

Only difference here is that you could technically buy the outfit during the event and never do anything to get the scraps or whatever it was to turn in.

So, tbh I have mixed feelings on this one. It could be purchased straight out during the event or not as you had choices.

So maybe this is an event item.

IDK on this one lol. Sorta torn on my opinion only because you could straight out buy it during event.
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12-Mar-2017 00:35:00

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Draco Burnz said:
Billy Jones said:
Please, put the deathbear outifit in Solomon's Store... I lost the event...


OT: No support. You shouldve gotten it when you could.

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12-Mar-2017 00:51:38

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