Warding - when?

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Iron Robsham
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I've been wondering the same thing.

Maybe (hopefully) the devs saw some of the criticism levelled at warding after its reveal and have been busily improving it and giving it more of a pay-off (beyond shinier split-bark armour) with the hope of getting it past the poll.
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I don't see the point of the skill(yet) unless the're planning to make it a Mssive money sink like construction........lets make the same piece of armour 3000 times to level then throw it all away.

15-Jan-2019 06:56:21

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Rather them rework the skills we have now to better fit in than add a whole new skill that whole concept is based on taking stuff from one part of the game to add to another for the sake of a "new skill". New mage armor well shucks sounds like crafting to me. Imbuing said items with "warding". Well damn we got Runecrafting for passing migical properties onto an item.

If the skill was actually unique maybe but as of now it just rehashed old content for the sake of ssaying "Hey looky here a new shiny skill".
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15-Jan-2019 11:24:42

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