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Iím thinking of doing a sort of Zarosian roleplay in the game and I wanted to get peopleís two cents - what should I focus on as being one? What armor, weapons, skills, etc. would be the match for such a roleplay?

Thank you for your help!

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Well, the main tricky thing you'll be dealing with is the fact that there aren't many Zarosians anymore. Though Zaros once had an empire and designs on world conquest, that was over 6,000 years ago - in the present day he is a mostly forgotten pagan god, with little but a handful of ruins and relics to his name. Most Zarosians (or rather, subject peoples) seem to have converted to either Zamorak or Saradomin after his downfall. One can count the remaining Zarosians on both hands - mostly a collection of ancient beings such as Mahjarrat, most of whom were imprisoned for eons.

Even after Zaros' return, he's decided it's now best to remain in the shadows and maintain only a small inner circle of followers, rather than a mass following. (He aspires, after all, to become fate itself - a shadowy puppetmaster rather than an open ruler.) So unless you're intending on setting your roleplay in the past...
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roleplaying as Zarosian = being as inconspicuous as possible
at least, thatís how I treated it in RS2; in RS3 it doesnít really matter anymore
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There is a lot of zarosian equipment from god wars, completing zarosian (god/mahjarrat) quests helps a lot, and there is entire zarosian spellbook/godbook.

And yea, while Zaros is most popular among players, for majority of rs world lore is unknown, only a few know even that he exist.

Remaining zarosian followers had to fend for themselves for millenia, so they cared about anything else but their former lord presumed dead for long time, and since his return, they still keep this charade up, to buy him time to promote his plans.

His plan to convince elder gods to make him one failed, and since than his faction is slowly building strength, but they are brutally outnumbered, and Zaros's new plan is to keep only a few best followers around him., wait, do your job, study history and rituals, talk to the dark lord through your mind/portal device, collect his relics and help him in quests would be closest to being new zarosian.

And urban legends say that there is even a dark lord's emissary lurking around in the capital city so you one day you might get lucky to meet him - for zaros being a lord of fate and logic to provide such a luck for his faithful is not impossible.

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Generally Zarosians won't appear Zarosian if they managed to keep their ancestral faith. Most people don't look upon Zarosians favorably, and fear even the mention of the name of the empty lord. And outside of select members of the other gods' forces, it is fairly unlikely that any non-World Guardian non-inner circle Zarosian would know of Zaros' return (they likely don't even believe he ever left, thinking he has been pulling strings behind the scenes the whole time).

Most Zarosian armors and/or weapons are artifacts lost to time, keeping them out of the hands of all but the most courageous and capable (or foolish and lucky) adventurers or richest nobles. So unless you are roleplaying one of those options (or a Zarosian from the 2nd age that has somehow survived/been preserved to modern times (either you're strong enough to hold your own, or you're likely to be driven out of town (we don't like your types here)), you'll want to blend in (wear all the fancy stuff otherwise).

Unlike physical items, however, traditions and knowledge were more able to be preserved by the surviving Zarosians. So I'd expect you to be able to use ancient curses, ancient spells, or both. Your ancestors may have also been able to maintain their own Ancient Book that you inherited (a book is fairly inconspicuous) that detail certain aspects/traditions of the religion (though you'd only preach them secretly to some small 'congregation' while dressed in some approximation of the ancient ceremonial robes (or maybe just the real deal)).

Maybe sneak about in alleys where you can disappear from guards if you want to try and entice new converts (like Soran). Obscure your face and voice though (don't want any witch hunts launched on you after all).

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