Zaros and Zamorak vs Saradomin

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Elf of Seren said:
I want Adrastia to execute Saradomin in accordance with Saradominist law after she finds out about the mass murder. And then she takes his place on our pantheon.

Execution? Far more devastating if daughter dearest, whom Saradomin was willing to risk giving the most powerful weapon in the universe to someone he believes can't be trusted with it, is subject to the same excuses he gives us, calls him out on their flimsy-ness.

Let that which he values most cast him low. And if he wields that famous, 'I know best,' temper of his against her, he will lose her love by his own hand, and that will hurt the most.

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Ancient Drew said:
That being said though, if he didn't do it he would be destroyed by the pact. It is possible that he seriously didn't know that Zaros was going to ask for the stone. Sounds ridiculous I know, but it would explain his initial reaction at the Endgame. I mean Zaros never really stated what exactly this deed Zamorak was to do for him was at the time of the pact, but it should have been an easy guess. We also need more info on Adrasteia herself, whether she herself is part of Saradomin's plans for this utopia. Bring on DOC2 in 2018 please. We need more background stuff.

Armadyl saw it coming. Armadyl. Naive Mr. Bird Brain saw this coming from a mile away. Methinks Saradomin needs to rethink his chosen domain if he really didn't see this coming.

Now, I'll admit that Adrasteia may be incredibly important to Saradomin's plans, but then I question the efficacy, reliability, and, yes, wisdom of such a plan (it's putting your eggs in a single basket, and I hold a similar issue with Zaros's plan entirely depending on himself).

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