Zaros and Zamorak vs Saradomin

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I could absolutely see Zamorak and Zaros temporarily teaming up to defeat Saradomin. They're both subtle and pragmatic, and recently they've shared experienced that forced them to briefly work together for the common good; there Zaros was impressed with Zamorak's willingness to sacrifice himself for his people, and Zamorak benefited from Zaros' actions; Zaros also fulfilled one of his promises for the first time. They also now have something of a common enemy in Seren, although I'm not sure Zaros himself sees it that way; Zaros also has more common ground with Zamorak than he does with any other god.

That said, I doubt that would happen, because, I mean... Saradomin's probably not going to get taken down.
A Zamorakian lorehound, probably.

31-Dec-2017 00:11:02

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