Saradomin and EDBDO

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Bilrach sacrificed the last Chelon Mah in bottom of Daemonheim in year 169 of the 5th age after having warped to Freneskae the year before.
However, we know that Bilrach began carving out Daemonheim in year 1225 of the 4th age.

That's a very long time, and I have my doubts that he regularly kept in contact with the people stationed and/or left behind on previous floors.

I mean, we know that Bill was still recruiting outside people around year 1719 of the 4th age since that's when Astea and Lexicus were recruited. We also know that he had some small degree of communication with the surface around year 0 of the 5th since he both recognized the change in age and it's new name.

However, we know that during year 118 of the 5th age Bilrach was separated from the surface when an area behind him collapsed and warped, and he decided to press onward with the strong slaves that remained and not look back.

So that's at least 51 years with little communication with the floors above him, and with whatever communication that makes it through getting garbled by corrupted slaves (see: 'Resource requisition orders').

That's plenty of time for the races with shorter lifespans to have a generation or two who've never had any sort of interaction with Bilrach. And that's not even taking into account the amount of time where Bill's only interaction with the higher floors would have just been messages to individuals in charge of the upper floors and not the rank and file. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the 'army' in Daemonheim never heard of Bill/Bilrach, especially since he worked hard to ensure that the floors above would be self-sustaining (Mysterious chronicle part: 14).

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It could also have ended in him being worshiped as a sort of god. He was already a sort of legendary figure by this point, and one of his methods of recruiting followers seems to have been "do some crazy magic stuff;" at that point, how many retellings would it take for the story to become mythical? It's not like he didn't create their entire world. Given he was apparently capable of tearing the floors apart when he chose to (Daemonheim Asunder), would it really be surprising if subsequent generations 'forgot' that there were slaves involved in the process of digging? Hell, how many of them do you think might have been ascribing the weird, corrupting, warping nature of the floors to Bilrach even while he was still communicating regularly with them?

At that point, my main concern is how Zamorak would react to all of that. He doesn't seem fond of ideological slavery.
A Zamorakian lorehound, probably.

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Ultimately many of the creatures in deamonheim fall into one of three chategories

1. One those under Bilrach's control (or his minions) via some form of magic (animation, necromancy ect)

2. Those who joined Bilrach out of respect for his power (most creatures found via the rifts during the digging)

3. Those who joined due to loyalty to Zamorak

Well as long as Bilrach remains loyal to Zamorak (and he is as much so as Azzanadra for Zaros) he has 1 and 3 covered. As for 2 some may well have forgotten Bilrach but now there is an older, wiser and stronger leader in Deamonheim who is presumably there so that he can build an army. With the useful knowledge bilrach can provide it's only a matter of time before most of the army is at Zamorak's command.
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MystLunaris said:
Eren Lapucet said:
I'm not going to buy a bond to see Evil Dave say DELICIOUSLY EVIL things in all caps, sorry :P (I don't have money ingame either)

"Deliciously evil" you say...
It all makes sense, what would Dave find more evil than eating vegetables?!
He never really worshipped Zamorak he was a loyal spy of Brassica Prime!
He was attempting to infiltrate Zamorak's inner circle and convince them all of the power of deliciousness!

Well there are certain implications of having 'Deliciousness is power by Brassica Prime' in your bookshelf...

Similar to Armadyl's actions in WE2's cutscenes, I feel like we're overthinking this a little. The reason Saradomin and Zamorak just stood there was because Jagex is cheap saving up money and lazy still getting used to animating in NXT. An epic clash between gods would've been cool, but creating new animations would've probably been too expensive in terms of money and time for the quest. As a result, the reused assets of knights running and fainting was the most we could get.

Also, any crazy consequences would've broken the lore since this quest has to be able to possibly take place before Sliske's Endgame. Cue the sequel difficulty problem.

Basically what I'm saying is Sara and Zam just standing there probably wasn't really thought out by Jagex, and could've been due to reasons outside of lore. But hey, we should never let something like that get in the way of our discussions here.
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