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The entire family suffered really. It all started off when the Elder Gods left Mah behind on Freneskae, and we later find in Children of Mah that she had an icy looking crystalline corruption in her core (which is speculated to be caused by Wen). Mah was left stunted at birth and starved of anima - any mortal or even younger god at that state would very likely be dead - and created Zaros as a toy soldier to play with the muspah she created in her dreams.

When Zaros tried to leave the first time she created Seren, and gave her the love aura to tie them both together. But they were both aware that the feelings generated by the other's aura were artificial and false, and grew to resent each other as shown by Zaros' dismissal of love as a shackle, and Seren refusing to go with him. His dismissal is likely a way of fighting her aura and staying coherent, and the same could be said for Seren refusing to side with him as a way of resisting his own loyalty aura. This is further elaborated on by his statement of finding mind coercion to be distasteful and calling his loyalty aura a curse, and Seren being steadfast on her refusal to side with him even after both consider each other precious relatives.

And Seren did what she thought was the right thing by staying with Mah and trying to nurse her back as a means of repaying a perceived debt of being born. It may have been a combination of this feeling of debt and Mah trying to cling to Seren (it's shown in Children of Mah that she feared Zaros and Seren most, perhaps it's due to them leaving her?), but it's clear that not only Seren but also Zaros and the Mahjarrat all felt similar connections to Mah. And Seren manipulating the Mahjarrat and the elves was probably something she had picked up from Mah, similarly to how Zaros had used the demons and other races to further his empire and perform his perceived duty to bring the younger gods under one banner. Thery were bad habits but they're being grown out of.
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Orcrist9 said:
willingly manipulating and sacrificing the Mahjarrat and other races of Freneskae for the benefit of Mah and herself

To be entirely fair, she also taught them to take energy from Mah so that Mah wouldn't hurt herself in her thrashing, tear the planet apart, and kill off the species that was keeping her stable. Seren's own memory exposes this as her being primarily concerned about Mah, but it did let the Mahjarrat perpetuate themselves until Icthlarin and Amascut showed up.

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