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Post below how many junk components you have and lets see who has the most in RS :P

I have ~177k

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21-Feb-2016 00:04:03

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122k and it's unlikely I'll have much more when I hit level 120. Most of it comes from the huge stack of broad arrows I disassembled on the first week.
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21-Feb-2016 10:48:33

H Rassy
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H Rassy

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Was looking for a thread with invention highscores.
Think other materials are interesting as well, going for 1m simple parts myself though not to serious for now.

110k junk,
Did refine quiet a bit of it, till I found out that its not realy worth it.

21-Feb-2016 14:55:12

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Electric said:
From the title first I thought this thread was complaining about the Invention hiscores and calling them 'junk' lol. :p

The one with the highest junk is probably someone who disassembled loads of broad arrows.
No, just stacks and stacks of yew bows and addy hatchets, amongst a few other things:P
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21-Feb-2016 16:10:13

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216,276 junk here well its adding up bc im destroying elder shieldbows for strong components. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

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