Account hacked and coins stole

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I logged in to find myself wearing a Chirstmas suit, and all of my coins and expensive gear had disappeared from my bank account. I'm not sure how this happened, and would love to know if anything can be done to rectify this.

My ingame name is: hassdaddy3

Thanks a lot!

17-Dec-2018 07:26:52

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Sorry to hear you've been hijacked :(

Unfortunately, if items/gold are lost due to a hijacking, they cannot be returned to you :(

However, I would suggest securing your account to prevent being hijacked again in the future, by following the instructions here

If you need help with moneymaking ideas to rebuild, have a look here:

RuneScape 3 -

Old School RuneScape -

All the best :)

17-Dec-2018 07:30:34

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hello pippi! jagex just gave my hacked account back after it was stolen for 2 months, someone ruined the pure and trained 45 defence, you guys should see this happend from some random adress then usuall, someone also bought over 40 bonds and sold, gladly jagex did remove the cost of 800$ locked at the account but someone trained 45 defence, please help

18-Dec-2018 23:03:29

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Hi there

I am really sorry to read what happened to your account.
The most tragic thing is your skill levels (incl. Defence) cannot be reset to what they were.
Your game is in Old School, Jagex does not have the tech capability to alter Old School skill levels (they do in RS3).

All you can do now is secure the account and continue playing it, otherwise start another Old School account.
Instructions to secure your account: Securing your account
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18-Dec-2018 23:43:14

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Fun this happend today to me... i logged in to my account after a week stop and i lost 40million bank... Love this GAME.... Time to delete and never play this shit again.... i even had a authenticator... apparantly it doesnt matter.. Great game runescape FIX IT.... I want my payment for my subscription back or my 40mil...

19-Dec-2018 23:29:55

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