16th & 17th of December 2017

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Mod Purpur

Mod Purpur

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16th & 17th of
December 2017

Hi and welcome to the third weekend of the
Advent-ure Calendar

We loved all your creative gift ideas on the first weekend, so want you to show some more of that creativity and love! ^_^

This weekend, we want you to tell us
which of your fellow players deserves a little gift from us and why?

Nominate your favourite Dungeoneering buddy, your helpful clan mate, the sibling you’ve been playing together with for all those years or some other member of the community that make RuneScape a better experience for you. Why do they deserve a little Christmas present or a thank you?

The person you nominated
will receive todays prize of
28 keys and 200 RuneCoins
if you get selected as the winner.
And because no good deed goes unpunished, you will receive
1 Bond
for your kindness, should you be chosen!

Can’t choose? Nominate several people and we’ll pick a winner randomly from your list.
It should go without saying, but please do not nominate yourself or your secondary accounts – this will get you on Santa’s naughty list and we also won’t give you a prize ;)

The usual
Terms and Conditions

Spread the love and have a fantastic weekend!

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The Reaper
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The Reaper

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my nomination goes to wuv woo wots, a great friend of mine with a good attitude & high energy when hes on, one of the few i talk to regularly & i think itd be a hell of a surprise for him

16-Dec-2017 23:01:11

La Chica Sxy
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La Chica Sxy

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I nominate Notail. He deserve a little Christmas present or a thank you because he has helped me throughout the years with pretty much about everything. I initially quit rs back in 2010 due to some personal problems. I came back to EoC, a new skill and as usual new updates. In conclusion, Notail has helped me get back into the game. I remember disliking Eoc, but now that I got the hang of it, it's not that bad. As for that new skill, Dungoneering was complicated at first. I didn't even know what a prestige was meant to do. But after dging with Notail, I was able to grasp the idea of the skill. And look at me now lol 200m xp in that skill.
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I nominate Angeldoll
Dr Mushr00m
Lydian C
H ovlane
Sadira Ray
Lord Cake
They make it worthwhile to play everyday .
P.S. I had to put a space between the H in h ovlanes name dont know why

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Well, without giving out personal information, let's say...

Hriaka, my cook.
Darchenko, my buddy from the dungeon.
Thunder, my fire maker.

Why? Because they are all wonderful people and players!
Bite me.

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arcblade kb
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arcblade kb

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All of my fellow players.
Without them, none of us would be able to do bossing, mini-games, or just have random people to chat to at any given moment.
Our skilling would be dull.
The trade market would be non-existant.
Frankly, the game would be far more single player than a Hardcore Ironman on a Darkscape server.
Without all of my fellow players, we simply wouldn't have RuneScape.
Why do people think I'm crazier than a room full of foxes in a psychiatric ward? Do they ever stop to think how the foxes got in there in the first place?
Why ask a question you think you want the answer to, yet know you will regret knowing?

17-Dec-2017 00:03:45

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