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Lady Kim 1st said:
Hi there! Yes, I also was disappointed with the Christmas Cracker. I thought I would get XP's and or more Lamp's for the XP's . Maybe a Christmas Outfit with Emote. Sorry, but not to impress for this year 2018. Maybe next year will be better. Happy New Year!

It's possible to get xp lamps from the cracker ^_^

01-Jan-2019 19:28:24

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02-Jan-2019 07:31:32

Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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I have a question about this whole thing. I know we had until January 2nd to send in our entries but there was no specification on when winners would be chosen. Do we know when they plan to choose the winners? The reason I ask is because I don't want to buy Gold Premier Club membership until I know whether I won any of the Premier Club rewards or not. :| ~ Jacob, Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven ~
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02-Jan-2019 08:40:07

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SukottoD said:
The initial post says we have until 2nd January to enter, but I've come along today, on the 2nd of January, to enter, and all the threads are already locked?

"Until" is the key word there. Not inclusive of today.
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02-Jan-2019 16:33:19

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