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I bet there are some great mods who are behind the scenes. All people have amazing stories!

Hmmm, let's go for food and drink and chat....start with some Runescape and then go on to some real life adventures.

Mod Ana because I heard she created Char. What were you thinking!!!??!!!!

Mod Ash. We can talk about some of the content...wherever that convo leads....

Mod Ian because he has been with the company a long time and I have been playing a fair length of time, I am sure we can chat about all kinds of things.
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26-Dec-2018 23:24:43

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Mods Rich, Teezkut and Meadows. We could talk about RuneFest, cosplay, and other absolutely fabulous things in life. Plus it would be great to catch up with everyone on more than just RuneFest!

PS - My alt 'Horus' would love to win ;)

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I would like to invite:-

Mod Wolf because he would just be a Howl.

Mod Osbourne because I miss the Elfbourne.


Mod Raven because what party would be complete without him.

What would we do? We would bring the party room back to life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

30-Dec-2018 09:55:28

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First, I would head out into the forest with Mod Timbo. It's not Christmas without uprooting a tree to shove in the living room, and nobody puts the smackdown on trees better than Timbo. Timbooooo!

Second, I would call up Mod Ollie to help me carry it away. His arms are so big that he could probably handle it all by himself.

Lastly, I would ask Mod Osborne to bust out the Mod Elfborne costume and help me get into the Christmas spirit. Perhaps my gift from him can be lessons on how to correctly pronounce Prifddinas.

01-Jan-2019 02:37:42

Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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I'd choose Mod Mark, Mod Obo (Osborne) and Mod Lee.

We'd have a very, very lengthy discussion between all four of us. We'd talk about design principles, lore and storywriting and the way the community interacts with those things. As an aspiring entrepreneur who plans to start his own studio, getting to chat with them about such things would be very insightful and fun.
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01-Jan-2019 12:30:03

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With Mod Ian I would like to chat about the classic days.
With Mod Lord I would like to get some autographs on my new shiny RuneScape record sleeves.
With Mod Shauny I would like to go beat some Solak.

01-Jan-2019 21:25:44

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