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I nominate Horus because they're starting to level up and experience more content in the game and another year of membership would really let them see everything Runescape has to offer!

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Blood Souls.

When I began my journey through Gielinor Blood Souls was there. He encouraged me on my journey. My fingers shook, my palms sweated but he sat with me, just watching, as I killed my first kbd and then was there when I first encountered the God war dungeons.

Earlier this year I was half way round the world on a coach tour. The coach driver changed the comfort stop town and, Blood Souls made an hours drive to meet me irl to say hi.

We had 20 minutes and a coffee but it meant the world to me.

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L M Tolwin

I would like to nominate my big brother. He introduced my cousin and myself to the game ages ago and it's been a lifelong joy for all of us. Now that we all live apart, RuneScape is how we have fun together until we can see one another. Ensuring his membership is taken care of would allow us to get back to regular activities together and bring back some of the childhood fun we've experienced and carried into our adult lives.

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