Magic Banknote paper options

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Hi lads and gals,i always tought why these note papers don’t have an option to note automaticly items picked up from the ground.
I think that alot of people(specialy people who do alot of abby demons and slayer) find that the further they get into a trip they start lacking inventory space making them drop already noted items in order to pick up items and note them again making them lose around 5 seconds of combat.
I don’t think it would be that complicated to make these options(similar to dissasembler).
What do you think?

03-Dec-2018 09:16:08

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I support the idea if there's some sort of cost for using the automatic feature, such as divine charges and/or a specific item made with invention that costs components and maybe lasts for 50-100 notes :)

03-Dec-2018 20:09:07

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