Dungeon Pit, etc. (POH)

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Another thing I'd love to have is landscaping, the plane of existence we build our homes on is boring, as it's just a plain expanse.

Allowing us to build structures not part of the house would be nice too. A shed, or even a pool could be pretty cool to have.
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13-Jun-2017 04:55:52

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kebabes said:
The whole construction skill needs more content. All houses hosted in parties are similar, a dungeon, throne room and Falador wall theme. Needs to be more different.

Oh and don't forget that curtains and rugs are all red. Like everybody is a Zamorak fan.

25-Sep-2017 01:00:20

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Would be good if, alongside altering how doors look, we could decide to remove a door completely or wedge them so they're stuck in the open position.

A few of the open POH I've used over the last few weeks have run into problems with door-closers griefing the players who're trying to get to the altar. Yes, eventually the host finds a way to boot the offenders from the house, but if the door could simply be removed there wouldn't even be a problem in the first place.

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