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In this thread, answer these 3 questions and maybe something will come of it!

What is the worst thing about Runescape for you?
The 5 minute idle-out-to-lobby timer.

How does it impact you?
In a number of ways but today it kicked mid-circus activity. (Not the first time).

How to improve it?
Increase the timer! Or, give a little reminder ding before it hits. (Optional config)
Or be able to continue where you left off with things.

15-Dec-2018 17:01:34



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the worst thing is how brokenly imbalanced PvP is.

there is no such thing as a fair fight anymore, if the enemy is at a higher level than you, they will destroy you.
not to mention they will have more expensive weapons that you cannot hope to fight against.

wilderness has just become the home of wandering bullies

15-Dec-2018 23:41:20

Yusou Bhoroi
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Yusou Bhoroi

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1) The way Minigame rewards don't come from playing the Minigames.

2) It means Minigames are in a permanent disadvantage, unable to sustain communities, be popular, or even be played/tried, in most cases.

It's bad enough that the rewards are largely useless, but they can't exactly add more, till they fix the issue with the rewards not coming from playing. Anyone who turns up, is almost certainly intending to AFK/Boost/both, and the very few who don't, are quickly converted to it, due to the fact it's far more efficient to do that - and the fact they are prevented from being able to play, or have a positive experience, by those who are AFKing/Boosting.

Any groups of people who actually do play, are thus starved of new recruits (because no one new can even play, let alone discover they enjoy it), and have to hide away to be able to play - which cuts them off, even more (thus making it even harder for new people to experience play). What's more, the longer that goes on, the bigger the skill gap between players, and new-folk becomes, thus if they have that 1/1000 encounter with a new person who wants to play, it's not going to be easy for them to play together, and thus more likely the new person won't enjoy it.

They've even made a lot of rewards available from other sources (for even less effort to obtain), so there's even less reason for people to turn up to the content, in the first place.

3) Scrap Thaler, and rework each Minigame's individual currency allocation system, so that it rewards active playing, and doesn't reward AFKing there. If done correctly, this has the advantage of making boosting more difficult, less effective, non-AFKable, and sometimes even impossible.

For some Minigames this would be quite hard, but for others it would be easy (and once done, the rewards could be increased to make usage worthwhile). This would give Minigames the chance to become active, and to sustain communities, once more.

16-Dec-2018 15:09:41

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