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Hi all, I'm in need for a hand. I want to get into PvE and bossing but I have no real idea where to start! I have done some low level ones like Giant Mole, Chaos Ele, Barrows and KBD but that's about it; not done much else after that. I try GWD but don't last long lmao

I am CB level 118. I also suck at the bossing I have attempted so anyone who can come along with me and give me tips, training and a hand is more than welcome ^_^

Add me in game if you want to; I'm also looking for new people to play with
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18-Feb-2018 21:44:01

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Some solid advice I would have to give: focusing on Slayer and becoming more efficient with your abilities and fighting skills is critical to taking that step from Pre-Eoc bossing to big guys like Telos. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but a helpful one none-the-less.

25-Feb-2018 21:11:30

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