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Post like this deserves a pin, at least until it needs to be updated, assuming its abandoned, and a newer/better comes around. Fight for
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! It will save staff develpment time & future issues! To work on real decent content.

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DIFOXY said:
Someone needs to make an update of this because the list is AWESOME!

Some quests are outdated, and maybe the order would be better changed

Your so right this quest list need updating or 2 different quest list, one for OSR and one for Rs3 as I was looking for Doric's Quest in RS3 and it turns out Doric's Quest is now called What's Mine is Yours in RS3.

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I have a question for years' when will it be the day they finally have a search engine or a magnifying glass of the Search 'sometimes I look for them and it takes me a lot to look for them' I hope they finally answer my question that I've been waiting for so many years

18-Feb-2018 17:02:22

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