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Hey guys just want to confirm if the last riders book is tied to dragon rider armour drops? Iíve got 3 pieces of armour and still no book. Iíve got a 1358 kill count so I know Iím still under the 2k guarantee but Iíve seen people saying it drops with the armour so Iím confused if Iíve done something wrong or not 🙄 Any help at all would be appreciated

19-Feb-2018 10:26:58

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Weird, I obtained the Last Riders under 200 kills but still have not got a unique equip drop.
I don't think it's possible you have done anything wrong. All you have to do is kill the dragon. Hard to get that part wrong I think? It's just some weird RNG.
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19-Feb-2018 10:39:31

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I have gotten the dragon rider boots drop and no book :/

It is one of my last few req left for master quest cape.

if you ever want to mass him pm me in game
snow pearl and we can go together until we get book.

05-Mar-2018 11:37:52

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Last riders has a 1/1000 drop chance with a threshold at 1000 kills, at which point the drop chance linearly increases to 100% at 2000 kc. This behaviour does not affect masses, in which case the drop will still be 1/1000 (but it will be dropped to everyone in the room).
As for the unique drops, they have been decoupled from the last riders drop, as stated in patch notes of march 6th 2017.

21-Mar-2018 20:05:43

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