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I would also recommend Pyramid Plunder. The XP rates are very decent (probably around 180-200K XP per hour at level 83 if you loot the second-highest room you can access until time is around half up and then move onto the highest room). It shouldn't take you too long to get 90 thieving at Pyramid Plunder, and in my opinion Pyramid Plunder is actually one of the more exciting training methods. :P

Good luck!

18-Feb-2018 18:18:52

Charles VX

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I would recommend to do thieving at Priffs because it's more away from the keyboard and less stressful. However, make sure to click your screen in a couple of minutes or you may be logged out into the lobby area. Good luck skilling! Hello,
I'm just helping the community as much as possible in questions of their needs. However, I have somewhat of experience since I was playing for almost 10 years. I really hope to be a player moderator like my friends. I enjoy helping people in questions and concerns.

23-May-2018 02:08:49

Ms Toxicity
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Charles VX, I appreciate that you were trying to help but responding to this old thread, long since abandoned by the author, is not welcome. To prevent further posts of this nature, this thread is now closed.

Before you post again, please make sure that your contribution is relevant, appropriate and timely. Avoid posting in that manner again.

23-May-2018 06:29:00

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