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Hello! I'm looking to join a clan of people who I like to talk about music among other things. I love playing lots of music, making weird concoctions of sounds. I like music to infuse with what ever activities I do, so why not Runescape too. Hell, maybe some Runescape players can collaborate on some tunes? I like playing Runescape. I love playing music. I like to talk about music and junk while playing Runescape. Maybe I will collaborate musically with people from Runescape.

I also like to create weird art, mostly digital imagining combined with music. Lets collaborate.

12-Nov-2018 16:36:08

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You seem to be looking for an OSRS Clan.

As this is one of the RS3 clan forums, you'll have much better luck using the Looking For A Clan sticky in the Old School Clans Forum :)

If you are actually looking for a RS3 clan, then please use the Recruitment – Looking for a clan Forum.

Thanks & best of luck!

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12-Nov-2018 18:51:48

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