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Superb option I've been waiting for, didn't really searched for it earlier though.
Thank you in advance for being able to fill in such a request.

Clan: xRoyalTx

Inactive Clan Owner: [#T009QEXFY] aka; Angelsista7

New leader: xIHo6erIx

Details: I have no idea for how long the banned owner, and other banned members, have been inactive, but I guess for way over 12 months. I did not have any contact with the other members, except for Eikwood13, being a real-life family member, not caring about the clan ownership. I do guess the other members do not care about the clan ownership aswell. I do care for it because I came up with the idea of the clan and [#T009QEXFY] aka; Angelsista7 knew how to begin one, so she made it, else I'd have been owner since the start.

More Details: The clan does only have the (banned) 'Owner' and the other members, including me, are all 'Recruits'. I really hope this doesn't make a/it difference/difficulty for the process.

Thank you in advance for reading my request, taking the time to overlook it, and get to a, by me and all the other clanmembers respected, decision.

I am looking forward to hear/see the decision you will make.

Kind regards,



Mod Shaunty; There has not been an answer to this yet

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Clan: Infamous Traitors
Inactive Clan Owner: Clawdz
New leader: Dr JeKyle
Details: Our executive board and clan populace have voted that our leader has been inactive for too long. I'm happy to provide evidence/ additional contacts for proving this. Our clan leader has not been inactive a whole 12 months, which is an extreme amount, but has been gone long enough for us to consider holding a vote, etc.

Hope this helps, and I hope we don't have to wait months and months to make a change such as this.

- Dr JeKyle (Dep. Owner)
Kyle; player since 2005.
University Student, Runescape gamer :)

12-Nov-2018 04:53:21

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I'm wondering about the criteria. Our current Owner became Owner by alphabetic default when the Owner left. We don't even know if he is aware he is the Owner now. He isn't active and hasn't been for months, but what if he logs in within the yearly waiting period? The Owner now hasn't even spoken with anyone since long before he was defaulted to Owner. We are a tiny clan But those of us who log in would prefer to keep our clan rather than being forced to leave again and create a new one without the name we identify with. Please consider our request to have the only remaining Deputy Owner made Owner so we can fix our clan's hierarchy. I am requesting this as per MrBig160's request.

Clan - RSAholics
Defaulted owner - Aligmantasju
Deputy Owner - MrBig160

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Dear mod we was hoping that u could help us out our clan leader as
Been inactive for a well know and we was hoping that u could help us by promoting me to clan leader in rsaholics
So we can regain are clan can grow once again
Thank you for ur time Mrbig160

14-Nov-2018 00:27:52

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Mod Poerkie,

per your request in your email to me I am posting here to remind you to take a look at my forum thread in the clan leaders forums:

Quick find code: 86-87-92-66050442

14-Nov-2018 22:54:18

darrk horse

darrk horse

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Have not really played much the last few years. Started playing regularly again however the clan i was in seems to be fully inactive, or at least, the owner, all of the deputies, overseers and other higher ranked members are inactive.

It seems the clan itself hasn't done much since 2013 so i don't see an issue with transfer of ownership, i also have a number of people willing to join it to repopulate the clan if i can take ownership.

Is this possible?

Clan name : The Seventh Tower

Thanks in advance.

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Clan name: Tears of Ares

Banned clan owner: RuffNekk19

Deputy owner: RareSerenity

Details: RuffNekk19 got manual permenatly banned roughly two weeks ago . He along with our other co founders want the owner position to go to myself. I was hoping we could get an ownership change before the twelve month wait period.

Sincerely, the leadership of tears of ares.

02-Dec-2018 22:02:45

Mod Shauny

Mod Shauny

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Hey everyone, for the avoidance of doubt I want to try and check this post each day.

IF your request still hasn't been done shout so I can jump on it now using the same format as before :)
Mod Shauny - RuneScape Community Management - Goebies! - @JagexShauny
I love Clans!

03-Dec-2018 12:29:25

Mag Choob
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Mag Choob

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Clan Name: Horogium

Inactive Clan Owner: #JDTMOZMF5

New Leader: Mag Choob

Details: No idea when the name purge happened, but I imagine the clan owner had their name purged a long time ago. Nobody is really active anymore aside me. Pretty fond of the guild name so I'd like to continue and lead it.

03-Dec-2018 15:03:39

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