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Quick find code: 135-136-870-65961752

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Strikebob382 said:

I am the leader of the clan - The Kingmakers with over 150 active players.

Discord is - strikebob382#2133

Can i get an invite to the discord server?

Hey Strike!
Clan Leader Discord is an extension of the Clan Leader Forums (CLF) so once your clan reaches it's 6 month old mark to qualify, please go apply to for the Clan Leader Forums (Quick find code: 135-136-475-66019308) and we'll be more than happy to help you join the discord. Looking forward to when you join us in CLF! :)
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08-Sep-2018 21:29:55



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isn't the 6 month clan age requirement for a clan leader to join arbitrary since it would allow a new clan leader taking over an old clan to join straight away, but someone who has created their own clan from scratch and has 150+ members in three weeks not being able to join for another 5+ months. I am an experienced clan leader who took over a previous clan in April and grew it to over 200 members by July. I then had to take a months break because of something irl but im back now and hoping to improve my clan for the clan mates in it, is there any exceptional circumstance that would allow me to join earlier than the 6 month deadline? The Kingmakers - Without integrity and honour, having everything means nothing.

10-Sep-2018 13:55:00

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Strike - As previously stated we are only a community of leaders. The 6 month age is a Jagex rule.

Please read and follow Jigzags advice and see the thread she has mentioned.
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12-Sep-2018 10:05:57

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Macka i am in the process of taking over for my old clan leader, and i cannot find the CLF application could you help me?
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16-Oct-2018 01:21:42

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Hey WXY,

If you're trying to join the Clan Leader Forums, you need to post an application on the thread. You can find the application template in the first post on this thread: CLF Access Application

Mod Shauny said:
Application Template

Full Clan Name:
(actual clan name)
Official Clan Name:
(name you're called in-game which may differ from full clan name)
Name of Clan Representative(s):
(maximum of 2 representatives; you count as 1 of the 2 representatives)
Clan Creation Date:
(if you can’t remember an exact date, type an estimate)
Number of Members:

(Official RuneScape Clan Page link)
Forum QFC:
(if you use an offsite forum, type 'offsite' -or- if you don’t use either, type ‘N/A’)

By posting this application, you agree that all information you have provided is correct and up-to-date. If information is found to be intentionally falsified, the application will be declined.

Make sure to post the application on the CLF thread that I linked above and not here. If you post it here, your application won't be reviewed.
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