If you were CEO of Jagex...

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Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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- I would half the wilderness and everything in the wilderness at present would be moved into the top half.
- Rng would be a little fairer. Not the same group of people getting dyes etc throughout the year and continuous years.
- Holiday gifts would go back to how they were and everyone would fairly get a gift.
- Not mask a holiday quest as not a holiday quest just so you can make money on the Christmas gift through TH or line others pockets.
- The forums would be rid of trolls, be fair to all, Jmod interaction would be a must, RSOF would be the first port of call for all RS information.
- F2P would get a decent size bank, not the same as members but a size where they can store stuff adequately, possibly even having a few banks spaces available through the Solomons store.
- Rework the bank, POH and a few more skills.
- Make skills such as Dungeoneering worthwhile for the do it alone warrior - your xp won't be less just because you prefer to work alone.

I have more, but I need to log :)
I am a A List :D WOOT WOOT for me :D

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