Can RS Gods have kids?

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Jeremy Cheng
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Armadyl has a godson i think but not an actual biological child. Are runescape gods able to have kids or are they sterile?

Would a god as a mother/father and a mortal as a mother/father's child be considered a demigod?

I think runescape needs to explore this in the future. I don't believe the karamjan gods or desert gods are considered demigods.

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I'd assume she was from before his ascension, but I'm not sure it's covered in that much detail. It's in the Sliske's Endgame quest dialog with Saradomin if you wanted to try and find it yourself.

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I don't think there's a definite answer to this, but if you talk to Icthlarin in the Underworld after completing the Sliske's Endgame quest he will explain that Tumeken and Elidinis could not have a family, instead creating Icthlarin and Amascut by granting divine power to their pet dog and cat.

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I believe they could if they choose to do that act. What may be a good question is if they do the act with a mortal or a god how the child will be brought up - will it have the powers, partial powers, will the child be regarded as a god or a mortal, will the child be hidden in the mortal world or brought up as a god <- many questions.

This may happen in the future with a storyline to follow, Moneybucks has stated (post 2) Saradomin already has a daughter, so who knows what the future of RS hold when it comes to offsprings of Gods.
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Draco Burnz said:
Moneybucks said:
Saradomin has a daughter.
As per RS lore, most of the young gods are mortals that ascended to Godhood through affiliation/exposure to elder artefacts. So, yes.

I thought that was Zamorak?

The only gods to be 'born' as gods (created really) are Zaros and Seren, all other gods were first mortal and ascended to godhood later, usually by using Elder Artifacts (Bandos didn't use an Elder Artifact Inbelieve, but I'm not sure) and/or killing other gods.
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