Training magic as a new player

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Kings Abbot said:
You need to carry runes with you for spells.
Yeah, though at the beginning I'd recccomend using either the Avernic wand & book, which you can get from completeing Demon Slayer, or staff you get from completeing Blood Pact. Both of them provide unlimited air runes which are all you need to cast air spells.

Demon Slayer you can start in Varrock at the church east of the castle, Blood Pact in the Lumbridge Graveyard outside of the Catacombs.

Once you have one, you need to equip it. An air spell will light up. Right click it and choose set as active spell.

From there just have at it. Blast spiders, trolls, whatever you want. Upgrade your weapons as you go along. And remeber that different spells have different rune requierments which you can see by hovering over them with your mouse.
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