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03-Jun-2019 22:47:28

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Rumor obviously, and probably more like a scam to me. Don't touch it with a 9000 foot pole or even better just report it via

If some regular player could make "124-310 Billion" abusing this "glitch" why did fired and/or arrested Jmobs have to risk their butts stealing gp from players?

Think about it. It makes no sense. More like this " come over here... give me $10 (real money of course) and I will tell you a secret to make 124-310 Billion". :D:D:D

03-Jun-2019 23:54:51

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Could have something to do with a certain rs3 pvmer's boss kill's second familiar summoned

Again, if it was that easy to abuse a glitch, Gielinor would be littered with gp or expensive boss loot, and gp would worth less and less and inflation would go higher and higher.

Why didn't we see that in RS3? Why are we seeing deflation rather?

And more importantly, why did corrupted Jmods have to cheat and risk going to jail to hack players rather? :D

04-Jun-2019 00:09:25



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It wouldn't surprise me, there have been a lot dumber item duplication glitches that people could profit off of.

That said, any replication information from the alleged glitch cannot be shared on the forums, as that could lead to other potential bug abusers understanding the underlying issues that caused the glitch in the first place.

It'll just have to remain a mystery.
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04-Jun-2019 04:30:38

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Many item/gold duping "glitches" are not really glitches but wizard mode abuses by corrupted mods or shady game developers. They can easily be detected if the companies use version control software and keep track of all the activities by their developers and QA people.

I believe Jagex is not one of these bad developers. They fired or even called the police to arrest corrupted mods indicated that.

The economy can't lie anyway. 120-310 billion gp glitches will collapse the game's economy in no time considering it took the arrested corrupted Jmod like 2 years just to steal 400 bil gp.

Item duping is also not the kind of "glitches" OP mentioned.

Look at RS3's economy... where is the inflation? We can never rule out Jmods hacking players though but those are not "glitches".

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Jeremy Chang said:
*Disclaimer: I do not support or am involved with any of the activity mentioned below!

My friend was a part of a group that create and run scripts to this day in RS3.

By not reporting them you are complicit in their offences, and effectively support them.

Jeremy Chang said:

If this was a known glitch that someone knows about can you provide further details? It's rather for educational purpose about glitches in general and what went on for this person to make $ like that

And now, in addition to supporting cheaters, you are encouraging people to share details of glitches so that others can use them.

People like you enable and facilitate the scum who damage the game.

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04-Jun-2019 09:47:45

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Knowingly exploiting a bug

Players must not use or attempt to use any cheats or errors which they may find in our software. Any exploits a player finds must be immediately reported to Jagex through Customer Support.

Anyone found using a glitch or bug for their own personal gains will be booted from the game.

Threads locked as you can't discuss bugs that may have help someone gain wealth.

Be wise and don't remake this thread.
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04-Jun-2019 11:22:30

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