Common Drips vs Rare Drops

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There are two ways sought after items are given to players in high-lvl PvM:

1. Very rare drops. Examples: Drygores, Praesul Wands, Codexs.

2. You get "part" of the item frequently, and once you get enough you can craft the entire item. Examples: T92 Khoseph weapons and Battlestaff of Armadyl.

I often refer to this as "drip drops" as they're a tiny fraction of an highly desirable item.

There are middle ground between drip drops, like Eldritch Crossbow and Noxious weapons, where they require several parts to assemble, each "uncommon".

Personally I prefer drips, as each drip drop (Phylactery and Armadyl Shards) makes it feel like you're progressing towards a reward, whereas getting 100 kills at a tough boss and not getting their rare drop ends up feeling like a waste of time, especially if their non-unique drops are underwhelming. It also feels fairer as some players get very rare drops on their first few kills, while some can get 10K+ kills on one boss and get nothing. Drip drops make it so players have a closer killcount to when they finally get the sought after item.

Would you prefer it if bosses like Kalphite King dropped 5x Drygore weapon shards instead of Drygore weapons, but at 24x the rate? Or have bosses like Telos very rarely drop a whole T92 2H instead of components individually? Or do you prefer the middle ground?

Give your opinions below.
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I like the drip drops. The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
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Eh, i find drip even more of a grind and just as frustrating. Even noxious weapons are a pain in the backside. They're 1/40, but you'll get two of them within 60 kills then go dry for about 100.

I'd rather they just dropped in their entirety and stopped dropping in parts, but that's just me.

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Middle ground is best IMO: rare but not too rare drop rates, and either dropping as a complete item or at maximum in 3 parts. That way it's neither painfully predictable nor too harsh. Helwyr and Cerberus are a couple examples which I like in that regard.
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I like both styles, would say I prefer the chance of getting a rare drop in 10 kills or 1000+ makes it more interesting and keeps economy going better than drip drops.
Glacors are great though with armadyl shards and the boots.
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