client crashes after lobby

Quick find code: 14-15-641-66087463

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lobby works fine, when go to log into a world screen gets stuck at a black loading screen and wont respond.. then client crashes and says " a heap has been corrupted" or "error 1 functioning" already deleted and reinstalled client 10x

04-Mar-2019 15:56:18

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Had to log into my old original RS2 account (the worst thought kicked in even though, as far as I'm aware, I didn't visit any dodgy sites or have any trojans etc.) to see if my account was still logged in.

It isn't, even though the client tells me it is for some reason, but using my other account I looked at the server list and W23, 120 and 134 are offline? There is nothing in any newspost mentioning that those servers were being taken offline - or at least I don't recall reading anything about that.

Maybe that's why?

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Mod Shauny said:
Hey everyone,

For the last hour we've had an outage on five worlds in RuneScape, this has been a network issue which left accounts stuck.

We're in the process of bringing these worlds back up so you can access your accounts once more.

Unfortunately due to the outage, if you were one of the accounts stuck on these worlds you <b>may find that you've lost up to fifteen minutes of progress prior to the crash, this is something we can't recover</b>

Our apologies for this :(
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04-Mar-2019 17:34:55



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Hi Mod Shauny,

Thanks for the info.

But this is really very late. I have cleared my cache, download the client again and reinstall. I was even thinking of changing desktop.

Would really appreciate for more prompt response.

I am not able to access Runescape for almost 2 hours now.

And worst we will lose XP!



04-Mar-2019 18:33:22

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